Buying Villas And Apartments In The Best Areas Of Jumeirah

Investing in Dubai is the best decision one can make. However, not everyone knows the place to invest it. Let us help you explore the best areas to invest in, Dubai – Jumeirah. When it comes to luxurious living, no other area can beat the likes of Jumeirah. This is one of the most prestigious areas to live in; not only that, but it also offers diversity in terms of the neighborhood as well as a residential community.

Why choose Jumeirah?

Jumeirah offers impeccable views of the seaside as well as picture-perfect dwellings for both professional couples as well as couples wanting to raise a family here. Moreover, at this place, you get to enjoy modern facilities as well as up-to-date amenities. Jumeirah is the hub of activity, from residents to tourists; once here, they find it hard to leave is blissful heaven. If you are looking to invest in property, it is what you need. The diversity that Jumeirah has to offer is what makes it the best investment ever. Here are the best areas to invest in Jumeirah.

Buying A Villa In Jumeirah:

The diversity of residential units in Jumeirah offers all kinds of properties, so if you are a Villa person, this is just the place for you. Villas here offer an exclusive lifestyle as well as an ideal waterfront view. Villas in Jumeirah are divided into several sub-communities; you will always feel at home in your community. Apart from that, every sub-community has its set of pricing. Hence you will easily find one that fits your budget, no matter how tight it is. However, you need to bear in mind that it has both free-hold and non-freehold properties. Let’s explore a bit more.

Villas In Bay Islands:

The most luxurious villas in Jumeirah are found in the Bay Islands area. This beautiful area is shaped like a sea horse, and this is just the beginning of its perfection and exotic appeal. Bay Islands offers both villas as well as free-hold apartments, and it is located 500 meters off the coast. Among the many positive points of investing in the Bay Islands, the best one is that it is a pet-friendly community, so you don’t have to let go of your fur buddy if you are moving to this area.

Bay Islands:

Raising a family here is ideal as Bay Islands has an array of schools, supermarkets, hospitals, and many other retail options. Apart from that, in all of Jumeirah, the Bay Islands area is one that offers the most beachfront destinations. Although the price rate of properties in the Bay Islands is higher compared to all other areas, it’s worth every cent. From 3, 4, and 5-bed freehold apartments to 3-bed villas Bay Islands area is heaven for raising a family and investing for value. If you are willing to go even bigger and bolder, you can also find 5-bedroom Villas here.

Villas In Jumeirah 1:

The next area in the Jumeirah community is the JUMEIRAH 1, which is mainly known for its beautiful Jumeirah Mosque. Apart from the mosque, there is also the Mercato Shopping Mall, outdoor and indoor amenities and facilities for the residents, as well as public transport to make life easier. Living in Jumeirah 1 gives you unlimited access to the beaches, central business districts, and all the leisure attractions it has to offer. From 3, 4, and 5-bed houses to 5-bedroom Villas, Jumeirah 1 has a lot to offer to Emirati homeowners and investors.

Villas In La Mer – Jumeirah

LA MER is the ultimate hub of excitement; recreational facilities, beachfront properties, and high-end amenities are the place to be. LA MER is known as the most exciting place to dwell in Dubai, and we can see why. The place is an upbeat, trendy locale that gives the residents all the excitement they need, and it also offers sub-communities that are great for both professional individuals as well as families. Investors looking for free-hold villas in Jumeirah should come to LA MER first thing. From 3, 4, and 5-bed Villas to modest houses, LA MER offers diversity and versatility at best.

Buying An Apartment In Jumeirah:

Communities in JUMEIRAH are mostly villa communities; however, you can find the most luxurious apartments if you explore the sub-communities. Many sub-communities in Jumeirah offer chic and trend apartments; here are some of the options at your disposal.

City Walk Apartments

In all of Jumeirah, the City Walk is the most popular and most successful area for investing. Here, you will get the best free-hold apartments to rent and buy. Apart from being a prime location, City Walk is also known for its many amenities, dining destinations as well as high-end boutiques. You can invest in the studio, 1, 2 as well as 3-bedroom apartments here and enjoy all the facilities that this land has to offer.

Flats In La Mer:

La Mer ranks well Villas, but it’s not far behind the City Walk Apartments when buying luxury apartments. You can easily purchase 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom flats here packed with all the luxuries that a modern house in Dubai can fetch.

Apartments In Jumeirah Bay Islands

The JUMEIRAH BAY ISLANDS is famous for a lot of things, and one of those is the luxurious apartments it has to offer. The location is well connected, offers public transport and is full of all the luxuries a man can ask for. For a peaceful suburban location, The JUMEIRAH BAY ISLANDS is an ideal place. Purchasing 1, 2, and 3-bed units is not only easy but also a trendsetter when living in Dubai.

Bottom Line:

Life in Jumeirah is an exclusive experience. The upscale villas, as well as apartments, are peaceful, trendy, and luxurious; they will seriously upgrade your living style. This land has a lot to offer, with schools, hospitals, public transport, as well as supermarkets and entertainment facilities at hand; it’s one of the ideal places to live in Dubai.

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