What Steps You Should Take to Prevent Your BBQ Grill from Rusting

Despite the cost of your BBQ grill, they are one of the best investments. As the BBQ grills will be left outdoor, they might become vulnerable to rusting. Therefore, to prevent the BBQ grills from rusting and extend their functionality and lifespan as long as possible, you need to follow some crucial tips to ensure that your BBQ grill is free from rust. 

Even though these tips will help you prevent rust, make sure you check signs of rust from time to time. Grilling your food with loose rust isn’t safe. Additionally, consuming rust can cause severe health problems. Here are the top 4 tips to prevent your BBQ grill from rusting. 

Make Sure You Don’t Pour Liquids Directly Onto Your Grill 

Even though BBQ sauce is one of the most important aspects of a successful BBQ, make sure you don’t apply the excess sauce. This is because the sauce will reach the burners of the BBQ grill and can rust or clog them. Therefore, consider applying the sauce to your food in the kitchen before you place the food on the BBQ grill. As per Dressings Sauces, BBQ sauce is very tasty.

Make Sure the BBQ Grill Is Clean 

After you use the grill, make sure you clean it thoroughly to prevent ant rust problems. Don’t forget to turn off the burners of the gas grills before you start the cleaning process. Additionally, use a grill brush so that you can remove any stubborn particles that might be stuck to the grates. You should also consider cleaning with a bristle-free brush so that you can prevent any bristles from coming off the brush and attaching to the grates. 

If you have a charcoal grill, it’s suggested to clean it with sprinkled water and a brush while it’s still hot. After cleaning the grill properly, remove the leftover coals and ashes from the grill and clean the cook box with soapy water. 

Cover Your Grill and Move Indoors 

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to your BBQ grills that will cause rusting and reduce the lifespan of the grill. After the end of the grilling season, you need to use high-quality and durable bbq covers on your grill to protect it from excess moisture. 

If possible, consider moving your portable grill to a covered shade or garage. Especially if the climate condition of your location is super humid and prone to heavy snow or rain. If you live near the ocean, you need to pay close attention to the covering and cleaning method of the grill. This is because the salt in the air might cause corrosion. 

Oil Your Grill 

To prevent rust from forming up, you need to deep clean your BBQ grill regularly. To implement a deep clean process, remove the grates. And then clean them thoroughly with a solution of baking soda, mild dish soap, and hot water. After soaking the grates for an hour, consider cleaning them with a brush. Make sure you don’t use any strong detergents. After cooling down the grill, use a soft cloth and wipe any excess dirt or debris from the BBQ grill. 


These are the top 4 ways to prevent your BBQ grill from experiencing rust or corrosion problems. Nothing can beat the effectiveness of BBQ covers to protect your grill from rust. 

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