An Indian App with Global Audience: Helo Redefines Connectivity

With popular social media platforms playing a huge role in connecting people globally, the last decade has got most of us into a relentless habit of social networking, Sharing our lives with one another to discuss the latest happenings or getting entertained, showcasing one’s skills or connect with like-minded community members about everything which is worth talking about. With most of the popular apps targeted mostly English/ Hindi speaking users, Helo has created India’s own vernacular social media platform which to let its users communicate in their own language and has reached a 50 million+ active user base in just one year!

Helo, the leading social media platform is targeted towards both Indians and global desis which include Indians based in and outside the country and allows users to generate content in 14 regional languages including Hindi, Bengali, Odiya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi and others. It empowers its users to express, communicate consume and share diverse content, helping the same language speaking communities across countries having active Indian communities, like USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Bangladesh, for Android and iOS, the regional social media app thus made it to the top downloaded apps list for Google Play store in 2018.

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Designed to let its users create, consume and share status updates, jokes, memes, wishes, quotes, shayari and Bollywood news over a wide array of categories- Entertainment, News, Sports, Romance, Humour, Culture, Health, Education, Fashion, Lifestyle, Helo also gives a chance to display one’s skills and interests. In course of this, this truly regional social media app is giving the users a platform to follow their interests, create content and attract a follower base of like-minded people. During this one year long journey, Helo has also created its own set of micro influencers and is encouraging more users to engage on the platform. 

Reaching the peak of popularity in just a month from its launch in June 2018, Helo has continued to grow over the past one year. The app has been particularly helpful for the first time internet users in India, who is more comfortable interacting in their own language. As per industry estimates, half the Indian internet population is spread over multiple languages and the figure is estimated to reach 500 million by 2020. Whereas, according to a Google-KPMG report, only 8% of Indians prefer English newspapers over the vernacular alternatives, while 60% internet users deter from adoption of online services and claim limited Indian content to be the major obstruction in this case. Helo has made it possible for users from across 14 vernacular language to create and consume content in their own language. 

It is this ever evolving world of social media, Helo has successfully carved a niche for itself and become popular among the key target audiences by catering to India’s dynamic mobile internet landscape.  It has been quite a successful run for the Indian social media platform in delivering personalized and localized regional content and not only in India but to other countries which have sizeable Indian population!   

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