Aainflight: An Amazing Way To Enjoy While In Flight

Are you a frequent flight traveler? Moreover, you travel alone and feel lonely at that time? It is normal. And it can happen to anyone. They might be feeling lonely while traveling to any destination. In addition, they did not get enough entertaining things that joyous their mind. Don’t you think, they need some entertainment? If the answer is yes, we have proceeded to a new inflight service by American Airlines. The aainflight service keeps engaging passengers with a lot of entertaining content.

Now you might be wondering how to use it. Or how to enjoy movies with AA-Inflight.com? On the other hand, if you are a regular passenger on American Airlines or any other boarding flight, you will definitely acknowledge the idea. Moreover, if you frequently travel from one destination to another one using flights, you might be required to check emails or crucial messages from a different social networking site. The new features of American Airlines definitely solve this problem.

What Is aainflight?

Many of us do not have any idea of aainflight. It is the official app from American Airlines, to solve the problem of in-flight internet connection. It can be used when you are on a flight on American Airlines and connected to their inflight wifi. After the plane goes to a certain way of height you can connect your devices, for instance, mobile, laptop, or tablet with the high-speed wifi of airlines.

This service automatically connects your devices to aainflight.com, where you will able to access high-speed internet. You can check your email or do something important to work through it. Apart from this, you have access to streaming different OTTs like Netflix, Hulu, and many more. Moreover, you can download movies too.

In addition, one can get an airline subscription for in-flight wifi by paying a monthly fee also. And for that, the passenger needs to fulfill some requirements.

  • The passengers have to be A-Advantage members.
  • The a-Advantage account holder must possess a credit card with US billings.
  • Email must be included within the A-Advantage account.

 About American Airlines-

American Airlines is one of the largest airlines company based in the United States. Moreover, in the terms of passengers carried, revenue passenger mile, and fleet size, it is the largest airline company in the world.

The company American Airlines started its journey in 1926 as American Airways. It serves almost 350 locations in different countries. The US-based company’s headquarter is in Texas, United States. In addition, they offer different types of flight services to their customers on a subscription basis. Apart from that, it is also a founding member of the world’s third-largest airline alliance Oneworld.

To Get The Aainflight.com app-

To get unlimited entertainment on the flight, you need to download the app first. After downloading the app to your devices, you can access the service of American Airlines.

  • The American Airlines app is available on Google Play Store.
  • So, open the app store of your device and look for the app.
  • Then tap on the install button.

Just a simple reminder, the app will only work on the trip times of American Airlines. Neither after before nor any other time.

To Log-in aainflight.com?

On the time journey to enjoy limitless entertainment, you need to do enrollment. For the enlistment of the app, the passenger needs to fill up the details. For instance, name, email, and A-Advantage number are the must things to provide. Then you will get a secret phrase for your account. The phrase is also important for the sign in the future.

Sign in from Mobile or Tablet-

  • The first thing to do is download the American Airlines App from the play store.
  • On the time of the flight journey when you reach, 10000 feet, you will have the option of aainflight.
  • Then check the WiFi signal of your flight and interface with free AA-inflight.
  • Therefore you will be redirected diverted to your default internet browser.
  • And finally, you can access the service and check your mail or enjoy entertainment with the streaming platforms on the flight.

Sign in Using a Laptop-

You also have the option of doing your important work or taking entertainment on the big screen while on the flight. Follow the below instructions to get access.

  • Check for wifi signals in the flight and associate them with AA-inflight.
  • And it will directly diverted to the browser and you will be able to access it.

The Cost Of AA-inflight wifi service-

Pay As you Fly-

There is almost every route has the access to aainflight service for a little amount of $10.

Pay Monthly-

The monthly subscription plan of American Airlines is $49.95 for a single device. Otherwise, you can go for $59.95 per month for two devices.

To buy wifi subscription plan from American Airlines-

To buy a subscription there are certain criteria to follow.

  • An AAdvantage member
  • Set up an AAdvantage account with a valid email address.
  • In conclusion, owns a credit card in your AAdvantage account with a US billing address.

How Can I Watch movies On AA-inflight.com?

To watch movies or web shows on the timing of flight travel, take the following steps.

  • After logging in from your device, choose the “watch free entertainment” option.
  • After that, tap on the option of movies or TV shows whatever, you want.

What Is the Cancellation Process Of an aainflight subscription?

Customers can get contacts at 844-994-4646, contact live chat support.aainflight.com, or sent mail to subscription.wifi@aa.com. They can reach out and cancel their subscription.


The frequent passenger of flight might love these features of American Airlines. Aainflight is a great initiative for the company for their passengers. Doing your office work or any other important work or taking enjoyment is in your hand. I hope you will understand well.

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