A Helpful Guide for College Students about Buying Glasses

A college is a place of fun and sweet memories that we often hold close to our hearts when we look back. However surviving college, assignments, tasks, tests, and study hours can be a living nightmare at the present for many University students. From write an essay to read for information, everyone now depends on digital screens. Students are busy on their smartphones, and tablets searching out information and data that helps out in their study or research. Oof! That stage of hustling, partying, and then coming back to the desk for passing the semester sounds like a lot. 

Glasses are something you’ll certainly see wearing students a lot, safety eyeglasses, sports eyeglasses, sunglasses, prescription glasses, or x-blue glasses. There are thousands of variations for them to go easy on their eyes and help them radiate some fashion goals. Apart from function, the fun of wearing glasses helps students appear fashionable, organized, and chic. Whether it’s cat-eye glasses for some sassy look or sunglasses with millions of tints, it makes their wardrobe an admiring piece. 

Why do you need Glasses in College?

Around 72% of the United Kingdom wear glasses to correct their vision and the largest age group is 18 -30. Fashion and vision correction propel university students to keep multiple frames with them. Here are the listed reasons why you need to own different eyeglasses for maintaining your eye health. 

The Grand problem is to appear Sharp and Fashionable

To sum it up, “Brits wear Glasses to Impress”

Here’s how to Appear Smart – Fake Glasses

Eyewear Trends 2020
Eyewear Trends 2020

According to the latest research, almost 505 people think that glasses make people appear smart or intelligent. Glasses not only give off an impressive effect on your professors or with your friends but also make you look more fashionable. Now, you can sound smart not with books but looks, fake eyeglasses for men and women. Fake glasses are just like your regular looking glasses but more beautiful and stunning designed to complement your wardrobe.  

So students without eye prescriptions love to don some sophisticated pair on their face to gain a more attentive and sharp look. Fake eyeglasses have millions of styles, textures, design in frames to supply with the ultimate fashion icon of your batch.

Find the Best Brand in Glasses

The best thing that brands should offer its customers is phenomenal and heart-stopping designs that you simply can’t resist. Tom Archer perfectly hits the nail on the head with its design and price. The next big thing in designer glasses -Tom Archer offers high quality built, sustainable material and sensation design in one. All its glasses are free fully coated with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance. 

Screens Obsessed Students – Blue Filter Glasses


University students are often found dwelling in their comfort alone on their screens. All students are now seen consuming excessive hours of digital screens like their computers, laptops, and most smartphones. Screens have an adverse effect on your eyes and go on to cause severe vision problems. Extended hours of screen use often cause eye-strain, headaches, dry-eyes or burning sensation in most students. 

It makes students uncomfortable and hard for them to continue with their work. However, with Blue filter glasses, it helps to combat harmful emission from the screens and keeps you protected. Read on to find out what you might have never imagined what blue filter glasses can do to your eyes. Don’t let your eye stress more in front of the screen and save it from progressive damage. 

Where to find blue filter glasses? Specscart offers blue filter glasses with a free coating of anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and impact resistance so that you stay from other glares. Just like your uncle needs “can you get varifocal sunglasses online”, you can find blue filter glasses for prescription or on crystal clear lenses. We don’t need a prescription to protect from blue light rays, everyone who uses a screen needs to take strict steps toward improvement. 

Students with 100 Books-to-read List – Reading Glasses

We get it, you need to learn about the experience and failure of the world-renowned entrepreneurs to mould your way. And books are a treasure that gives you what you need in life, from money, value, stories and philosophy. Extensive hours of reading can cause pain in your eyes and can alter your vision, hence reading glasses is suggested. If you read really close with the books then you are most likely to develop college myopia. 

Yes! It’s a thing, by reading a lot, the flexibility of the eyes stiffens because of being in a certain position for a longer amount of time. It leads to deterioration in the eyes hence a reading glasses is a must for reading books of all kinds without losing focus or poor vision. Can I get reading glasses that I can wear all the time, read on to find out if it is safe to wear them more everyday?

Avoiding the Hassle of Prescription and Sunglasses – Transitions

We know what you mean by the hassle of carrying prescription glasses and exchanging them with sunglasses when outdoors. It’s very important that you find your prescription and sunglasses at the right time. Speaking from all undisciplined college kids, we can get hold of things most of the time. But again, being inconsiderate with UV exposure can do a lot worse to our eyes hence transition glasses in what you deserve. 

Clear Indoors, dark Outdoors -here’s why we love transition glasses does a lot of help to college kids. Apart from looking extremely fashionable, you get automatic sunglasses quality without exchanging or waiting time looking for sunglasses. Saves a lot of time for you to waste on something productive.

Already Own One – Needs a Lens Exchange

Many times, we love things way too much that we can’t let it go. We are talking about frames here, just to be clear. Frames are an accessory of self-exposure and style but what if the lenses need to change. If you go through a similar situation, if the lenses are scratched, broken or have a crack then just reglaze them.

Yes! You can put new lenses in old frames -what are the perks. Will guide you with the best solution. Specscart offers reglaze lenses service with much more improved lens replacement. It’s lenses come with free fully embedded with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance.

Before Buying -Try them for Free

Can I try glasses before Buying, Yes! You should always try them first until making a firm decision. Not only it helps with knowing the quality of the glasses frames, but a personalized experience also helps best in this virtual world. 

Specscart offers a free home trial, 4 frames up to 7 days. You can ask for suggestions from your friends and family and clear your doubts. Settle on the one you fancy or if you want to try others, then order some more, it’s free for you to try them unlimited. 

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