A Guide to Improving Your Business Management Skills

by Editor

February 8, 2021

6 minute read

Aspiring business professionals will need to develop and harness managerial skills that can help the company they work for flourish. Being around to manage all elements of a company as well as the people who work there and who you lead is vital. Good managerial skills will streamline business operations, increase levels of productivity and morale, and also reduce employee turnover. If an employee enjoys working for a company and believes they are under good management, they are likely to stay and work better and more efficiently.

Not everyone is blessed with effective managerial skills, however. And even if you are a natural, there will always be room for improvement. If you are looking to improve your business management skills so that you can excel at work and earn a promotion or make your work-life more fluid and easier, read on. Here are the best ways to improve your business management skills and become one of the best managers in the business world.

1. Be Self-Aware

You need to be self-aware and evaluate your skills honestly if you are to improve. For instance, are you aware of your weaknesses? Do you know the skills that you should be focusing on and improving? If so, do not ignore these weaknesses. Rather, use this knowledge to your advantage and find ways to conquer the areas you fall short on.

Knowing and understanding the parts that require improvement will make you a better manager. If you need to improve your communication, then you can find courses or workshops nearby that can help you build on your existing skills and make you a better employer/team leader. Self-awareness is what separates the run-of-the-mill business leaders from the high-performers and achievers.

2.  Speak to Your Superiors (and ask for advice)

Your superiors will most likely have been in your position before. They will have encountered a time where they need to improve their existing skills so that they can continue climbing the career ladder and earn the promotion they may have been gunning for.

Reach out to your superiors and schedule a meeting with them. Your managers and team leaders will wish to help you out, so speaking with them and asking for advice can be a great start to improving your managerial skills. In your meeting, be sure to go in organised so that you can express the skills you possess and the areas you believe could do with some improvement. By doing this, you are optimising your time with your superiors and showing them that you value their time.

If your superiors are good, then they will help create a career progression plan so that you can continue building on the skills you currently possess, but also highlight new skills you may need to acquire if you are to progress. Once you have created a plan of action and they have offered advice on how you can go about checking off these requirements, schedule check-ins so that you can revaluate your plan and see whether you need to take a different approach and whether your managerial skills are seeing any sort of improvement.

3. Improve Communication

A good manager will have great communication skills. As a leader, you will need to express yourself well so that your team can understand what is required of them and go about their work, completing tasks to the best of their ability and with minimal mistakes. Poor communication leaves your team open to making mistakes due to confusion and team members not working on the same page. Counter these issues by becoming a great communicator.

Be as transparent as possible when explaining tasks. You should keep your language concise and clear so that everyone can understand what it is that is expected from them. This clear and concise language needs to be applied across all mediums, whether it be speaking to a group of people in person or sending an email to the whole company.

Invest in technology that can improve communication, too. This is essential as many companies are turning to remote working to counter the coronavirus. It seems as if many businesses will be allowing more work from home days, too. Microsoft Teams and Slack are great tools to help teams speak to one another.

4. Return to Education/Complete Management Training

Returning to education and learning from a selection of business professionals who know the best business practices and how to become a great manager can be the most time efficient and resourceful way to improve your skills. Luckily, there are many degrees out there to help you become a great manager and hone your managerial skills. Of course, you can head to college and/or university and earn an undergraduate degree in business studies. However, if you have already earned a degree but still wish to improve and develop your skills, then you could study for and earn a master’s in business management from a reputable university such as Aston University. One benefit from earning a masters is that you can further develop the skills you already possess. However, you can also study online which is useful for business professionals who already have a job.

5. Ask for Feedback

If you are a team leader and are unsure on how you can help your team or co-workers, then simply asking them how you could improve and make things easier for them can make a world of difference. Not only does it show them that you care and are willing to listen to them, but you will gain valuable insight on how well you are currently performing and whether there are any kinks you should iron out.

Remember, though, that you will not be able to appease everyone. You may be subject to some feedback that is less than helpful. If that is the case, then you can always speak to the worker who may be frustrated and check in with them. Their frustrations may be stemming from another part of their life, or you could be able to easily fix the issue.

Becoming a good manager isn’t easy, but there are many ways you can improve. As a team leader, you not only owe improving your managerial skills to yourself, but you also owe it to your team so that you can work as unit and support one another.


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