6 tips to help you begin selling on Instagram 

Most entrepreneurs nowadays sell different kinds of products on Instagram due to many users. This is a great avenue for brands since it offers functionalities that support e-commerce. When you use this social media platform, you not only get the opportunity to buy Instagram likes but also sell your products

Most customers on the platform discover different products through useful tools such as Instagram shopping. If you are wondering how you can begin promoting and selling your products on Instagram, this is for you. 

Decide on what to sell

Many people log in to Instagram to find the products they need. If you want to sell on it, you should first decide on the right products that are easier to sell on Instagram. 

Some popular products that you can choose to sell on Instagram include clothes such as dresses, jeans, or T-shirts, beauty products like makeup, and home items like wall art or kitchen appliances. You can also make money from selling sporting goods such as shoes or leggings, water bottles, or leggings on Instagram.

Create a business account

Once you have identified the right products you would like to sell on this social media platform, you should convert your personal account to a business account. Once you switch to a business account, you will have access to Instagram insights to learn more information about your followers.

Ensure that your business profile has a professional photo of your brand, such as a company logo, and come up with a good bio. Include a good description of what your business is about on the bio. Do not forget to include a link to your shop on your business profile.

Create signature look

To drive sales on Instagram, you have to pay attention to product placement. You should think of ways of developing a signature look before you begin posting on this platform. Take shots of the product you want to sell on Instagram, then use filters. You can use different apps to make the images look clearer and visually appealing.

Some apps even allow you to combine different photos into one image. You can use such an app to showcase a product in different colors or angles. Apart from creating high-quality photos of your products, you should also develop a unique style. Ensure that the style is consistent throughout your marketing efforts.

Utilize Instagram shopping 

This is a popular feature that many brands use to sell products on Instagram. This feature also allows you to tag your products so that interested customers can get more details regarding them and check their prices. Whenever you come up with an Instagram story or post, do not forget to tap on “Tap Products.”

To utilize this feature, you have to sell physical goods, have a business account, and be in one of the supported locations. You should also link your Instagram business account with your Facebook page.

Use Instagram stories ads

Since Instagram introduced advertising in stories, many brands have reached more people through this feature. The ads tend to show up between stories of the Instagram accounts that you follow. 

You can either come up with a photo or video when using Instagram stories ads. Ensure that the clip grabs the attention of viewers. They can help you gain more potential customers and sell your products easily. Ensure you add a call to action to your Instagram stories ads.

Work with influencers

This can also help you sell products on Instagram since most users often trust influencers. Depending on your budget, you can choose a big or micro-influencer to help you market your products on the platform. When an influencer advertises your products, they can help you drive sales fast since such people have a large following. 

As you look for Instagram influencers, you should choose those relevant to your specific brand. Ensure that you develop clear goals before you start working with one.

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Choosing to sell items on Instagram can help you reach out to a larger target audience since this is a popular social media platform. You have to use the right techniques to drive sales through the platform. Try implementing some of the tips we have discussed above.

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