5 Signals That Your Continually Heading Towards Bankruptcy

You might be going through a good quality financial phase of your life. But not everyone possesses that kind of boost. No doubt, people becoming aware over the present few years have led to a decreased number of bankruptcy cases. But this is partly due to the fact that bankrupt people avoid filing a case and notifying the concerned authority. This is to avoid paying for attorneys and additional costs posing more stress on that wallet. So, the ones who are stuck in such issues do not even have an idea about how to rebuild credit after bankruptcy. This can prove to be lethal in terms of availing finance for future requirements.

In order to find some indicators yourself, beware for certain pointers which can prove to be a head start to financial stress. Here is a compilation.

Recovery from financial setback is not a cakewalk anymore

Major financial setbacks like the loss of a job, divorce cases, huge medical bills, etc. can drive people into stress. This is because most of them do not have an emergency reserve. Only about 40% of people in this world have an adequate reserve in the bank for corresponding reimbursement requirements. If you plan to tackle setbacks in advance, the management of emergency expenditure must be done in a better manner.

The cost of availing loans has boosted exponentially

The start of getting a loan is when you use credit cards for daily expenditure. You already have to pay high-interest rates for home loans and vehicle loans. You are stuck in a cycle of debt which means you’re transferring the stress of one loan to another. This has been considered the major indicator of bankruptcy and there’s no way out other than filing the same in court.

Debt collectors are calling to get what they’re entitled to

One of the major green signals of bankruptcy includes demanding letters from debt collectors. They try and indirectly threaten you or even do it directly depending upon how late your payment is. This situation most commonly prevails when your payment is late by 30 to 90 days. They report your accounts to the concerned authorities who measure your credit score. Your credit report most clearly suggests the same when you go through it.

You behold some missing payments you can’t help

This proves to be a warning signal when your daily financial requirements need a credit card. It’s already difficult for you to pay bills on the spot which is an indicator of excessive debt stress. The major concern is when you can’t pay installments for your home and/or auto loan. Watch out for any mishandling of minimum monthly payments through cash or credit.

You can’t engage yourself into a debt management

A lot of consumers seek debt management plans. But it’s difficult for most of them to enter into one. It’s because most people do not possess those assets and minimum income sources to qualify for a program like that.

You probably have your credit cards with maxed out limits

The opener to bankruptcy is having your credit cards maxed out. Once you reach the maximum limit, there’s no way you can walk beyond it. Now that is something to worry about. It’s even more worrisome for people who are dependent on the credit cards for daily groceries, gas or anything which you require on the spot mostly without any advance planning.

You need to seek the best way to rebuild credit after bankruptcy if you can clearly see these signs coming your way. There’s no replacement for the availability of loans. Finance is required in almost every part of your life and maintaining a standard in your credit report is the only way to maintain the desired standard of living.

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