5 Best Hospitality Apps For Your Guests

A hospitality app is an example of software that enhances both your hospitality company as well as the client experience. However, choosing the right hospitality app for the sector might eliminate all of your typical stresses. With the perfect app, you can wow visitors with tailored local knowledge. 

There are some incredible apps for the hotel sector as well. The majority of those are available for free download from the Play Store. Some, though, only charge a little price. Thus, we cover the top 5 hospitality applications in this post. Choose the finest hospitality app after reading the entire article. 

What Is A Hospitality App?

According to the app, it may simplify routine processes that you once had to perform by hand, such as sending guest confirmation emails, gathering information for check-in, obtaining check-in keycodes, getting local suggestions, or providing check-out instructions. 

5 Best Hospitality Apps For Your Guests:

1. Operto Guest:

An exclusive hospitality app called Operto Guest was created to improve the guest experience at boutique hotels and vacation rentals. The app provides several smart homes and IoT interfaces that let visitors remotely manage various parts of their lodging. 

Guests have access to keyless entry systems, the ability to manage lighting and temperature in their rooms, and even the ability to request new amenities and services through Operto Guest. By automating the check-in and check-out procedures, this software gives visitors a seamless and convenient stay by doing away with the need for real keys.

2. Alice Guest App:

The Alice Guest App is a feature-rich hospitality app that meets the requirements of both visitors and hotel staff. This programme acts as a virtual concierge, connecting users to a range of hotel services and amenities. It enables visitors to make restaurant reservations, schedule cleaning, book spa appointments, order room service, and receive tailored advice on nearby activities. Additionally, Alice Guest App streamlines interactions between visitors and hotel staff by enabling visitors to make quick special requests or report problems.

3. Hostfully Guidebooks:

An app called Hostfully Guidebooks aims for vacation rental owners who want to give their visitors access to a curated and interactive digital handbook. Custom guidebooks can be made by hosts and include vital details about the venue, the neighbourhood, dining suggestions, neighbouring attractions, and crucial contact information. The app is a practical tool for boosting the visitor experience and ensuring they have all the information they require while there because it makes it simple for guests to share these guidebooks with them.

4. Duve (Wishbox):

The all-in-one hospitality app Duve, formerly known as Wishbox, was created with short-term rental hosts in mind. The guest experience is automated in a number of ways, from pre-arrival correspondence to follow-ups following check-out. It gives guests the option of self-checking in and allows hosts to deliver personalised notes. Additionally, Duve gives visitors access to information about the neighbourhood, and the property, and makes it simple for them to get in touch with hosts if they have any issues or questions.

5. Touchstay:

For their vacation rental properties, hosts can build digital welcome books using the user-friendly app Touchstay. By including information about the home, house rules, recommended nearby attractions, and practical advice for a pleasant stay, hosts can customise the material. The app gives visitors a smooth experience and puts all the information they need at their fingertips. In addition to acting as a communication tool, Touchstay also acts as a platform for hosts and guests to directly communicate.


These five hospitality apps cover a variety of facets of the visitor experience, from smart home automation to interactive digital travel guides, and they all work to improve a visitor’s comfort, knowledge, and satisfaction while they are visiting.

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