10 Ways to Improve Google My Business & Maps Rankings

Google can be hacked by local SEO strategies easily, and you can start receiving good traffic on your website. If you run a business, then getting on Google My Business will attract more visitors to your listing. Google My Business will increase your impression of Google Lock Pack, Google Maps, Google Finder and more.

For your online business or website, you should hire the best digital marketing Company who can handle all of your demands smoothly. With great experiences and expert team, they will put your business on the top listings of Google. Let’s see how you can improve your Google My Business listings from here.

1. Fill in all the information

While listing your business, fill in all the details and information asked by Google. When you fill all the requested details, your listing will have valuable data which will help the consumers to find out your location and listing easily.

2. Add Google My Business Posts

Google Posts act like your mini-ads for your business. You have to understand the basics of mini-ads on Google My Business. Just click on to the Posts option from the left panel and select New button. You will be able to post your mini-ad on Google.

3. Make use of Bookings Button

If you run a business that let customers book certain services, then with Google Booking Button, you can quickly improve your business. Your customers can easily book your services through this button in Google My Business.

4. Communication through Messages

Google My Business lets you communicate with your customers. The posts or we can say, the mini-ads which you post through Google My Business, let your customers message you. You can also communicate with your customers by responding to their messages. This will improve your rankings effectively.

5. Q&A

Question and Answer is a great feature provided by Google Local within the Google My Business. This feature lets your visitors ask questions related to your business. You can answer all those questions.

6. Encourage your customers to review your listing

Google My Business lets customers rate your listing. You can encourage your customers and visitors to leave a review as feedback of your listing. This will improve your business impression, and with positive reviews, your business will be sky-rocketing.

7. Making use of Photos and Videos

You can also attract more visitors and can convert them into your customers by uploading photos and videos related to your business. If you run a restaurant, you can put pictures of your restaurants, food dishes, etc. This will let your visitors know more about your business, and they will ping you to ask for more information. Visuals attract more people than texts. You need to make proper use of this feature.

8. Add Proper Business Description

Google My Business dashboard, lets its users add proper descriptions of their listings. So if you have listed a business ad on Google My Business, you can add an attractive and informative description for the viewers. They can quickly view the description and can click on the ad posted by you. This is the best way to convert them into your customers.

9. Add your Services and Menu

You can also add all the services provided by your firm in the Google My Business listing. When you post about different types of services of your business or a proper menu, visitors can get the desired information about it.

10. Embedded Google Map

Last but not the least, you can also embed the Google Map of your business listing as the location of your business. Google Map is crucial for online businesses. When you post a mini-add through Google My Business, you can attach a Google Map which lets customers and visitors visit your place quickly. They can easily navigate through Google Map which is also a very useful way to improve your rankings.

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