What are the factors one must consider while selecting coffee boxes?

The packaging of any product serves as a brand ambassador. To keep the product fresh and long-lasting, use premium packaging. While marketing or promoting products, brands pack them into high-end packaging. However, printed cardboard boxes make the packaging more appealing and eye-catching. Loyal customers always appreciate brands for introducing a modified version of packaging. In addition, give your coffee boxes great look by using different styles of boxes. These boxes give appealing look to coffee.

In this article, we shall discuss the factors that brands or individuals must consider while making a selection of custom coffee boxes wholesale. So let’s start the article, with no further delay.

Various packaging bags for coffee

There are various packaging styles to pack coffee. However, all these packagings have their advantages and disadvantages. The packaging enhances the shelve presentation more. One type of packaging is the flat bottom bag. In such a bag the bottom of the bag remains flat. The benefit of this packaging is that the bag stands without any support.  The top of the bag is folded over and completely seal the bag. Further, the quad seal bag is also famous for coffee packaging. As the name suggests the bag has four corners at the bottom. Which is also withstand with no support. In printed cardboard boxes these bag fits completely. So the shipping and transportation become more convenient.

Furthermore, we often see instant coffee or one cup of coffee in pillow bags. Which is convenient to use for individuals. However, this packaging is the least costly to produce. Bag in-bag coffee packaging is ideal for selling the coffee in bulk. Further, there is a small pack of coffee inside the bag. Lastly, Doypack packaging has a zipper at the top. The bottom gives a premium impression to the customers. Like other packaging, the benefit of choosing such packaging is that it stands by itself. All of these packagings are extremely convenient to use and look beautiful lying on the store’s shelf.

Keep the freshness of coffee intact

While distributing to stores or shipping to other countries it is important that the product stayed in its original form. The coffee packed in the bags must be free from any moisture. The popular system to pack the coffee is one-way degassing valves. Which is a modified version of environmental packaging. In this process, the coffee remains fresh and does not lose its aroma. It is because in one way degassing valves enable carbon dioxide to exit naturally from newly roasted coffee. Although, while preventing freshness this method eliminates oxygen, moisture, or light from entering the bag.

Convenience for customers

The most important factor while choosing the best custom coffee boxes wholesale is convenience. If the packaging is not convenient for the end-user then it is a wastage of money. The zipper packaging makes the best packaging ever. It is because after using the coffee the user can zip the packaging to prevent it from getting soggy. Further, labeling matters a lot. The printed cardboard boxes have exactly perfect labeling to inform the customers about what the brand is selling. Further, from labeling the customer also get the awareness about the directions to use the product in the right way.


The factors which we have discussed to custom coffee boxes wholesale are convenience, freshness, and styles of packaging. These all factors contribute to selecting the best packaging for coffee. Further, shipping becomes more convenient because of these factors. The smaller packaging is more user-friendly than larger ones. They are easy to carry and use. I hope this article will benefit you while choosing coffee in the future. Thanks for reading!

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