Three Benefits to Physical Gold Ownership

They say that over the rainbow is a pot of gold. That may be true. It’s what keeps people looking to the skies, hoping to get a chance at free money.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” was a career-making song for Judy Garland. To her dying day, people still requested she sing it for them. It’s one of my all-time favorite movie moments. Click the link: to find out more about what your gold can do for you.

If you’ve never seen The Wizard of Oz, you better get online and find a way to watch it because you’re missing out. And if you think the first act is boring because it’s in black and white, please don’t tell me. It hurts my feelings when people don’t like that movie.

Does that make any sense? I didn’t have anything to do with the production of the movie. It was made almost fifty years before I was born, in fact. I’m telling you that it’s just a feeling so I can’t explain it or rationalize it.

So, in the movie, Judy Garland plays Dorothy Gale. That’s one of those perfect names for characters. You get it? It’s because her name is gale, like a strong wind, and she gets picked up by a tornado and deposited in a foreign land.

But this is before that. Dorothy has just had a neighbor threaten to take her dog away and have him put down. Everything is sepia tone all around her. Her aunt and uncle are elderly and have no time or attention for her. They have to focus all of their energy on running their farm.

So, she sits down and sings a song about being over the rainbow.

“Somewhere over the rainbow,” she begins. And even though Judy Garland is playing a little girl, it is clearly a woman’s voice that emerges. It is deep and mournful and sad in a way that no little girl could be.

If I had to guess, that would be why the song still persists in touching people’s hearts today. It’s a song about longing to find a place of peace where you’ll fit in.

In that way it reminds me of “My Sweet Lord,” by George Harrison. It’s a song off of his first solo album after The Beatles broke up. He had dozens of songs that he was just waiting to use and his frustration was mounting. Click here for more information about Gold IRAs.

“If I wait for my one or two songs on an album,” he explained to John Lennon in the documentary “Let it Be,” “I have a decade’s worth of songs backed up waiting to go.” John is sympathetic. He promises to talk to Paul.

Into the Future

Paul is used to taking the lead. He’s more of a salesperson than the other Beatles. Ringo knows he isn’t the spokesperson for the group. Paul has to go sit with the suits and listen to their inane babble.

If I were John, I wouldn’t do it. It’s pretty much impossible for him, anyway. He mocks Peter Sellers straightaway for being in their recording session without having been invited by any of them. Peter Sellers looks so uncomfortable as he realizes that he’s the butt of their jokes.

So, when it was time for the Beatles to go their own way, George had so many songs ready to go that he decided to make a triple album and put them all out. It would have taken him way more than ten years to get all of those songs on Beatles albums. Click the link to find out more about historical gold prices from 1883 to the present.

If you know anything about creative people, you know that he would have probably lost interest in a lot of his songs by the time the fifth or sixth album had come around. Artists are always changing and growing. Just ask Brad Pitt, who never commits to two projects in a row

He says that he can’t know what he’ll want to do after his next project. He knows that it’s going to change him. I understand that. I can’t commit to what book I’m going to want to read next. I just wait and see how I feel when it’s time to choose a new one.

A Feeling

My feelings this year have been to read books that are really long that I’ve read once and thought, due to their length, that I would never read again.

The first one is a book titled, J.R. by a man named William Gaddis. Gaddis is one of those writers that people think don’t exist because they’re so withdrawn. I hope to be like that someday. I don’t want anyone to know what I look like. They don’t need to know that.

The second one, the one I just started reading, is called Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons. The introduction was full of interesting information. I didn’t read it the last time I read the book because it was from the library.

I wanted to get through it as fast as possible so that I could return it. It’s over seven hundred pages, and the type is small, and the pages are thin. Not bible thin. Those are the thinnest pages ever. They’re like tissue-thin. I always rush through library books.

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