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The Role Of A Quantity Surveyor

Construction work requires a lot of work. There are different people involved in the completion of the tasks. If you have ever visited a construction site, then you would have probably noticed the different people who were working on the site, every individual has an important role to play, right from the labour to the ones who are managing the project. A quantity surveyor is one such individual who plays a key role in the seamless completion of the task. Besides, there are other important roles that they play. In this blog, we will be exploring the role of a quantity surveyor and what qualifications they need to have.

Role Of A Quantity Surveyor

  • Forecasting the different material requirement- One of the role of a quantity surveyor is to forecast the different kinds of materials required for a project. Right assessment of material requirement is a must to ensure that the projects don’t run short of materials while it’s going on. A qualified quantity surveyor will first study the project and then based on it will assess the raw materials required for the same. They will analyse the entire requirement and prepare a report of the same.
  • Preparing tender, budgets and bills- Besides assessing the raw material requirement, a quantity surveyor also works on preparing the tender, budget and bills of the project. They have the knowledge to study the entire project requirement and based on it they will help in applying for tender. They have the skill to prepare budgets and bills so that there are no hassles in the payment process.
  • Track changes and make adjustments in the budget- Seamless running of the project requires a lot of work. It also involves studying the working of the projects and analysing if there is any shortcoming. A professional quantity surveyor will study the changes and based on it; they will make changes in the budget.
  • Procure the services of the contractor- A quantity surveyor needs to have a look at the requirements of the project and search for a contractors for the same. Most of the quantity surveyors have their own team of contractors. While hiring the services of a quantity surveyor, you must check whether they will be getting along with the contractors. You can also ask them about the contractor in advance so that you can figure out how credible the contractors are.
  • Check if the work is being done on time- One of the responsibilities of a quantity surveyor is to check if the project is working as per the guideline and timeline. In case there is any delay, the quantity surveyor looks into the causes of the same and overcomes the problem areas.
Key points to consider before hiring the services of a quantity surveyor- If you are hiring a quantity surveyor, then you must keep the following points into consideration:
  • Hire an experienced professional. You must only have a quantity surveyor who has experienced in handling the kind of project you have.
  • Look for a quantity surveyor who is a member of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. Also check if they are a member of a local association..
  • Check their reviews and ratings before hiring their services. Many online portals will have comprehensive details about the quantity surveyor that will prove to be helpful in choosing the one.
Final Thoughts – A good and qualified quantity surveyor ensures that the work done by them is seamless and flawless, which is a must for a successful completion of the project. The above-mentioned tips will help you in finding the right quantity surveyor.

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