The Conversion Optimization Dilemma – How to increase conversion rates for online businesses?

According to the statistics, over 80% of traffic landing on a website will leave it within the first few seconds.

Ok, but who’s repealing the traffic in such large volumes?
is there some ghost waiting to scare-off the visitors landing on your website?
Ok, jokes apart, the catch here is to highlight the competitiveness of the e-commerce industry. Today, online industry has become one of the largest and fastest evolving industries with hundreds of new businesses popping across the world every month. Now, with such abundance of choices, customers are definitely spoilt for choices, as they become more choosy and picky in their approach towards online shopping.

So, how to increase the conversion rates for online businesses?

The traffic leaving your site is commonly amounted to Bounced rate, while the visitors converting into customers amounts as conversion rates. Websites for years have longed to increase their conversion optimization, so as to increase their revenue streams out of the online business. And there are many factors that contribute to the increase of conversion rates for websites, including target audience, business model, and web design.

For instance, let’s assume a web design Auckland and Christchurch for small business, the business is mainly aimed to attract a local audience from Auckland and Christchurch. So, how they can help attract larger traffic and increased conversion rates for the business? Well, out of the lot factors, web design and marketing will be two primary factors determining the success and failure of the business. here’s how; if we look closely into the data analytics for New Zealand traffic, we will see a high preference for local business. Thus, by creating a web design that appeals and relate to the local audience, the business can surely increase their conversion optimization rates.

Having said that, there is one more aspect that influences the effectiveness and functionality of the web design, yes, that’s groundwork or what we like to simply call, planning.

Is planning important for an effective web design?

Once while I was attending a conference on web design, one of the speakers said a brilliant line representing the importance of planning in the right execution of a website design, here are his words, “Websites can’t just happen out of nowhere, you got to plan to make them happen the right way”.

The key here is to understand the purpose of a website. You can’t just decide to get a website made for your business and trust a random company to do the job. No, that’s a flawed approach. Rather, you should prepare in advance the working models, functionalities and purpose it’s going to serve. You will need to detail the web designer about each and every aspect of the web design to get the perfectly functioning and highly effective web design.

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