The Misadventures Of Rick and Morty on Kisscartoon

Audiences at any age can watch and enjoy cartoons, even if they are directed toward children. However, it can be observed that in the last few decades numerous “adult” animated TV and web series have been launched and people seem to enjoy the content. Rick and Morty Kisscartoon is an animated sitcom, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon in the black comedy genre which includes science fiction themes and includes misadventures in every episode.

The show is wildly popular and it already has had five successful seasons. Both the critics and the public like the show very much. It has a score of 9.2/10 on Imdb and a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. You can watch the whole show on Kisscartoon, which is a popular site for watching cartoons. It is a free streaming site that has thousands of famous animated televised and non-televised series and animated movies. This includes various English cartoons and some dubbed anime as well.

A brief history of Adult Animation

 Adult Animation often referred to as matured animation is any type of animated cartoon that is meant for adults. Adult animation targets adult audiences or teens. The makers explore adult themes in this category. This genre incorporates content that is explicit in nature. This may include graphic violence, dark humor, profanity, and themes inappropriate for young audiences.

It includes social or political issues that the young audience may not relate to. Some may include complicated storylines and new storytelling techniques which are not traditional.

Therefore, adult animation is animation work for a mature audience. Young audiences must stay away from this kind of content. They mostly include sitcoms and dark comedies. The content is relatable to adults. The content is only televised in the late hours and some content is censored on television.


As the title suggests, the show Rick and Morty Kisscartoon is based on two main characters namely Rick and Morty. Rick is a brilliant but drunken sociopath and scientist who lives with his daughter Beth’s family. He builds gadgets and takes his simpleton grandson Morty on laughable intergalactic adventures.

Initial Release and Now

The first episode aired on 2nd December 2013  and the last episode of the 5th season 10th episode aired on 5th September 2021. Season 6 is slated to release in  2022. All the episodes are available on Kisscartoon.


The show and the characters were written by Mark Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Mark Justin Roiland is a writer, animator, director, producer, and the creator of Rick and Morty and he is the voice of Rick and Morty.

Where and How to watch?

The show originally aired on Adult Swim. After its huge success, it became available on popular streaming apps like Netflix. You can also watch it for free on Kisscartoon.

You can simply go to Adult Swim, Netflix, or Kisscartoon and search for Rick and Morty and start watching. But Adult Swim and Netflix require a subscription whereas you may stream the entire series free on Kickass.


The show started as an animated short parody of Back to the future. It had similar characters and they made it for Channel 101 by Justin Roiland. The show has been widely popular due to its creativity and use of dark humor. Kisscartoon started its operations on December 1 2014 as a part of KissMediaGroup. Justin Roiland voice Rick, Morty, Mr. Meseeks, Mr. Poopy, Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith, Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith, and Sarah Chalke Beth Smith among many others. The show also had many surprise celebrity cameos such as Jordan Peele of  Key and Peele. It also featured celebs such as Alfred Molina, Danny Trejo, John Oliver, Alison Brie, and  Nathan Fillion in cameo roles. Ryan Elder is the music director and composer.

Seasons and Episodes

There have been a total of 5 seasons with 51 episodes with season 6 just around the corner. The run time of the show is 22 minutes and the original audio is in the English language. Warner Bros. Television Distribution distributes the satellite rights.

Awards and Nominations

The critics and the audience love the show and it has been nominated for several awards. Moreover, the show has won many awards throughout its five-season run.

  • Teen Choice Awards nominated it for TV Series of the Year.
  • BTVA Voice Acting Awards nominated it for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Series.
  • Justin Roiland won the Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series — Comedy/Musical at BTVA Voice Acting Awards.
  • It won the title of Best Animated Series hosted by IGN Awards.

Analyzing why the show works?

Adult cartoons have been around for a very long time. But today the definition of an adult cartoon is changing more and more.  Cartoons nowadays include some sort of adult content be it language or theme. Therefore calling a cartoon adult cartoon doesn’t mean necessarily mean it’s “dirty” but rather that the show is for a mature audience.

A classic example of this is The Flintstones, it had scenarios and jokes that both children and adults can enjoy. So there always has been a demand for adult cartoons. It is out of the question to write a piece on adult animation and not mention The Simpsons. The show was the longest-running adult comedy in history. It had a total of 33 seasons with 728 episodes.

At its simplest level, the show is basically a parody of many famous pop culture events. Most of the episodes are a parody of some work of fiction. Sometimes it may get absurd but that’s what people like about the show.

The show doesn’t shy away from being crazy and weird and this is the reason that everyone loves the series.

What is Kisscartoon?

Kisscartoon is one the most popular website to stream and download animated content for free. So, you can access it from anywhere be it a computer, laptop, or smartphone. The content is available in HD and they have a huge collection. You can sign up and have a more personalized experience. It is perfect to binge-watch cartoons and anime. KissAnime Network owns the KissCartoon website. You can watch anime content in Kissanime.

KissCartoon operates in countries where copyright laws are not very strict. Initially, it began its operations in Vietnam.The Kisscartoon subsidiaries provide a number of free content like Manga, Comics, and Korean Tv shows. Millions of people visited these sites to enjoy free content be it tv shows, movies, comics etc. However, at present most of the sites that exist now are fake clones. The original Kisscartoon stopped its operations in 2017. There is a number of clone sites that are still available.

Is it safe?

Kisscartoon has infected a number of its users with viruses. The website is not safe to visit. But the website earns money by the means of advertising which can include advertisement banners on the website, endless pop-ups, and redirects to other dangerous websites.

Moreover, hackers may infect the visitor’s device with a virus or may use the visitor’s device for mining activities. This can adversely affect your device’s longevity.

Kisscartoon legal or not?

Kisscartoon is not legal in most countries. The owner of the website does not own the copyrights of the content which are available. So, the website was closed down.

Kisscartoon alternatives

The alternatives include apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Crunchy Roll etc. Most of them require a subscription but are way more secure than Kisscartoon. Even though the chances of being criminally accused of visiting these are very low. You may most certainly be affected by viruses.

However, websites like Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Prime Video, Disney plus, etc. must be used.


Rick and Morty Kisscartoon is a funny adult animated American show. The show is created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. It first premiered on Adult swim which is a nighttime program of Cartoon Network Inc. The show Rick and Morty Kisscartoon is based on the characters of Rick and Morty. Rick Sanchez is a drunk scientist who takes his grandson Morty Smith on inter-galaxy adventures. Rick is warm-hearted but miserable and they balance between family and their multidimensional adventures.

However, the show is written, produced, and voiced by the multi-talented Justin Roiland. He does most of the grinding work. The show is available to watch on Adult Swim, Netflix, and Kisscartoon. It won the awards for the Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series — Comedy/Musical at BTVA Voice Acting Awards. It also won Best Animated Series by Imagine Game Networks.

The show already had five successful seasons with the sixth season arriving very soon. The show parodies many known pop culture events with a twist. These twists and weird writing and voice acting make the show interesting for viewers.

Though the show Rick and Morty Kisscartoon has a global fan base inspiring spin-off series, anime short films, comics, cameos by celebrities, video games, cosplays, and merchandise.

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