Qiuzziz: The Best Quiz App For Your Sharper Mind

Qiuzziz is one kind of the popular quiz apps, where you can memorize and learn new vocabulary. The app uses an automatic technique via your previous attempts. Therefore, they provide customized questions based upon how is your ability. In fact, with this app, you learn new words by decoding the quiz.

The app offers you to learn new things and stock your vocabulary. The aim of the app is simple, gives the opportunity to test their brain against other people and facilitates them to share the result. With this method, they accelerate the learning app.

In leisure period some spend time with online streaming platform. Therefore, some streaming platform like WCOForever,, Crackstreams are becoming popular. However, you can spend time with this fun attractive and knowledge gathering game.

We will provide all the information about the app in this article. For instance, what is the app, how the app works, how to find the app, and many more information? So, let’s move to the main topic.

What Is Qiuzziz?

Mobile-based quizzes and puzzle games are currently trending in the market. Because you don’t need a quality haptic smartphone to play. Moreover, you can play this game in your free time for fun. But in your leisure time with this fun game, you can sharpen your mind by playing the game.

Qiuzziz is a new quiz game in the market for increasing vocabulary. The game provides more fun because here you can create your own question and challenge your friends. Moreover, you can share your quiz with the world.

You have to just type the word, what you want to know in the app’s search bar. Then click the yes or no option according to what is the answer. Therefore, you want to know what is your progress in the app within a few seconds.

From The Developer Of The Game-

The game qiuzziz is developed by two young lads from Paris. They wanted to offer something different quiz game, which is uncommon. The developers worked in the market to find what types of games is available. They wished to launch a game, where everyone will be part of the game and the whole community can share their ideas and experience it. Moreover, by doing all of these, they can enjoy the game, and it is also a priority for them.

The CEO of Qiuzziz-

Lukasz is the CEO of this new trending quiz game. He is from Poland. He completed a master’s degree in business administration. Moreover, he is serving in the technology field for the last couple of years.

Moreover, he has a great passion for the tech industry, and therefore, he is doing it since he is a teenager. He started to develop a new website for small businesses around the globe. However, he became such an experienced person that he helped the economy of Poland through his various works.

Where To Download The App?

You can find the qiuzziz app on google play store and iStore. Moreover, it is also available in the web version. Therefore, you don’t need to spend extra time finding the app in an unfamiliar place.

The app is free to download from any of the app stores. However, in the apps, there are something in-app purchases. These in-app purchases offer you to go for any kind of premium features. However, if your pocket permitted it, then you should buy it. But without premium features, you can still enjoy the game very well and sharpen your mind.

Who Can Create Quiz On The App?

Anyone who signed up with this app can create a quiz. Moreover, one can share the quiz with friends and challenge them. In fact, one can earn money by sharing the quiz on this platform. Even some do this business by creating quizzes in the app. Depending on their quiz making they earn money.

To create a quiz on this app, you just need to create an account on it. You can sign up in the app using Google, Facebook, or any kind of other social media platform. After completing the sign-up process creates a quiz. However, we will discuss the process of creating a quiz below.

How Do You Create Quiz-

On the qiuzziz app, you have to sign up at first with any kind of platform. Moreover, you have to use a mobile app or website to create. In fact, you can use, an iOS device for doing this. It is very easy to create. Follow the below option to know more.

  • Go to the app or official webpage of qiuzziz.
  • On the top right corner, you will find the settings option.
  • Then tap on create new quiz option.
  • Now there will be a new window open, where you can type your questions. Moreover, you can post photos or videos for enhancing your questioning skills.
  • Select whether you want to make the puzzle public or keep it private.
  • If you want to make the quiz public select public and enter a name that will come with the quiz when people visit the page.
  • If you want to keep it private, then choose private and be careful about nobody sees your content before publishing it.

What Will happen After Sharing Quiz?

When you share quizzes with your friends, they play the quiz. They can also like and comment on it. Moreover, you can share the quiz link on your social media handle, for instance, Facebook. You will face a new challenge with a lot much fun in it.

With a lot of research in the sector of app-based games, we come to the conclusion that everyone needs challenge and competition. A player always wants competition from someone to get better. Therefore, when you share the game you will find how smart your friends are or how you can beat your opponent by gaining a lot much knowledge.

Who Should Play Qiuzziz?

This game is suitable for any person who wants a challenging but simple game with the scope to gain knowledge. This informative game will offer them to learn something new with every game.

A schoolboy learns many more things from school. A man learns from his surroundings. However, this game offers them to go beyond their horizontal level and know more about the whole world with fun and challenge. You should go for this game when you have enough time and energy.

The Benefits Of The Game Qiuzziz-

There are several benefits to using this quiz game. However, the biggest benefit of the app is one can test knowledge. Moreover, they can stock more words in their brain. Also, they can challenge their friends and play a fun game.

At the time of playing the game, if you ever face any game that is very challenging for you, then you should share the game on your social media. Your friend will love the challenge. You can find how much your friend is smarter than you.

How Much Cost It To Play?

There is no money you can invest to get the service of the qiuzziz. You have to just download the app from any app site or any web and sign up with your personal account, for instance, google, Facebook, or other apps like this. Thereafter, you will be able to play the game easily.  However, there is a subscription for something premium features. If you want to unlock those features moreover if your budget allows you can take a premium subscription. They offer two plans for their customer. The first one is monthly $2.99 and the second one is $29.99 yearly.

Qiuzziz Is The Best App For Memorize Vocabulary-

The game is very funny and attractive game. A child will be very attracted to this game. The app is great for making vocabulary strong and learning correct spelling and pronunciation.

●    Pronunciation-

There is a feature in the app to record your voice while playing the game. Moreover, later you can play the recording and know what mistakes you do. This will help you a lot to improve your pronunciation. In addition, you will be familiar with the correct pronunciation of the word.

●    Spelling-

Another great feature of the app is checking your spelling ability. You will provide a lot of multiple-choice questions about spelling based on your previous search. This is very helpful for any student or gamer to learn the correct spelling of the before moving to the next word. If you continue to take this spelling multiple choice option, you will be aware of which type of word you should give more attention to. In conclusion, you will be familiar with the word and its grammatical criteria.


Qiuzziz is one of the best games where one can learn new things with family or friends. Moreover, the game in the app is both educational and entertaining. Through this game, quizzes will become part of your everyday life. In fact, you can post your queries and share them on your social media to get more details.

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