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onn roku tv – know it’s tips to master for streaming

Right now there are many streaming mediums that help you to find the right kind of movie. Onn Roku tv is one of the most interesting mediums which provides you with high-quality streaming videos for your movie. If you want to know about its hidden features you can go ahead with this article.

We have gathered some cool features of the Onn Roku tv. And after you know all of these, you will definitely feel good about it. Here you will find a few interesting things which will help you to get important information.

Channel and its rearrangement

On Onn Roku tv, your channel is auto-arranged. Moreover, if you want to rearrange them you can do that. You can go to My Channels and select options. You can also move your channel.

Your home screen’s New theme

You can find the default purple shade pretty good. In case you want to switch it up, you can go to settings. Moreover, there are a few themes that are free. You can also use that. In addition, you can celebrate your favorite festivals with Onn Roku tv. Likewise, you can choose some of the seasonal themes as well as various theme categories.

You can use your screensaver

Onn Roku tv is one of the best companies which offers you some extra screen savers. You just have to go to settings and select screensavers. Moreover, you can also select channel stores and get into the screen saver category.

Transform your TV with extra screen saver

Roku offers some of the extra screen savers which are better than any other contemporary component. You can go to the screensaver category and select more screen savers.

onn roku tv remote

Every Roku player is a technologically advanced player which you can use anywhere. It also has a powerful onn roku tv remote control center which will let you launch the Roku mobile app to view it properly. It will not only browse but also provide you with advanced search options.

In case you do not feel like using it you can also use a mobile app that is easy to install. Moreover, as it gives you enormous control you can also use iOS from the software library. If you can install it you can add and browse it immediately. You can enter text with a keyboard and all of these things work well with Roku players.

Voice search without remote

Physical remote with a search button provides voice searching. Thus you will not need to use your remote but with the help of voice search, you can easily find the various streaming channels. It also supports some of the most current generations of software.

Rename your roku players

In case you have multiple onn Roku tv you can login to various accounts. It will give you enough opportunity to rename your device. Thus you will get no problem finding your device. It is helpful especially when you are using a mobile app.

Add subtitles

Onn Roku tv adds various subtitles which will help you to get subtitles or captions during streaming.  You just have to go to the settings and find the accessibility. Use the option caption and find the add button to use it.

Instant caption for replay

As there is mumbling during characters’ dialogue you can use onn Roku tv to understand characters’ dialogue. You should play the reply button and subtitles will pop up. However, you have to enable some of the features. You have to go to the setting and use the accessibility option. You can also use the captions to instantly play the tv.

Use live tv

It provides you with some of the most easily available streaming channels. It will let you watch some live TV like Hulu. it will also allow you to pause and watch later.

Using it a screen mirror

Onn Roku tv is one of the best mediums where you can use some of the latest techniques called mirror stuffing from your phone as well.

Casting of photos and videos

Roku’s mobile app is full of features like Play On Roku. It helps you to stream music, photos, videos as well. In the mobile app, you just click on “Play On Roku” and find what type of content you like to find. You can also use other apps and when you are mirroring whatever you are watching will appear on TV.

Always play files from local files

Onn Roku tv also has some USB ports which are helpful to plug USB drives. This also provides you with a unique opportunity to play personal videos or photo files.

Take videos from youtube

It has a cast button that helps you to take the videos from youtube to Onn Roku tv apps. You can connect your device to the same network.

Expand storage capacity

If you want to increase the storage space you can do that by inserting a micro SD card. This will help you to channel all the information to this Onn Roku tv

Alexa can be used with Roku

You can connect your Roku to Alexa and try to use voice control on Amazon. You open the Alexa app and click the plus symbol on the right.


Onn roku tv is a powerful medium which will help you to get what you like. As far as entertainment is concerned we can use it from anywhere. Finally, before you purchase if you have to go to the website to know more about onn tv reviews.


Q: What brand is Onn Roku TV?

Ans: Durabrand produced Onn Roku TV.

Q: Is onn owned by Roku?

Ans: Yes, it is owned by Roku.

Q : Is onn Roku TV free?

Ans: Yes it is free.

Q: How much does Roku cost per month?

Ans: It doesn’t have any monthly subscription fees.

Q: How do I connect my Onn Roku to WIFI?

Ans: You have to go to the setting to connect on Onn Roku TV.

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