Music Desktop Gadgets and software Tips for Windows 7

  • by Safikul

September 5, 2018

Windows 7 comes with a set of really good music gadgets for your desktop. Check out these five:

  1. The iTunes gadget is a must-have for any iPod user. You can use this to listen to tracks and also manipulate various settings for iTunes. The best part is that you don’t have to open the entire iTunes application for that. This little gem does all the work for you.
  2. Media Player desktop gadget is another useful gadget if you want to synchronize with Windows Media player. This gadget also shows the album art, song details along with visualizations. It makes life easier without having to open the full Windows Media Player. Also if you have best bookshelf speakers this app will make your songs tastier for you there are many best bookshelf speakers under 200 which you can get online or near buy market.
  3. ChroniX Metal Radio is a dream-come true for any hardcore fan of metal music. It is an online radio station which has three channels namely, Aggression, Metal and Grit. These play different varieties of hard rock and metal music.

If your tastes are a little mellower then the iClassical radio gadget is just the thing for your ears. This connects you to many online classical radio stations from which you can stream classical music.

Top Software Tips Using Windows 7

The latest product from the house of Microsoft is receiving rave reviews from users all around the world. Windows 7 comes with an eclectic variety of features that can boost the performance and efficiency of your PC. However, Windows 7 comes with its share of tips and secrets that can give your work a boost, if you know them. Here are the top 10 software tips:

  1. Using System Restore — Previously, restoring your systems on the older versions of Windows used to be a risky venture as one wouldn’t know which files and applications would be affected in the process. With Windows 7 there is a new “Scan for affected programs” option during System Restore which will inform you beforehand of the potential applications that might be affected if you restore your system.
  2. Improved Taskbar — another major change was the taskbar feature. You can pin any folder or application to the taskbar according to your wishes.
  3. Using Older Software — there might be software on your computer which is compatible with Windows XP only. You can still use them with Windows 7 by activating XP mode.
  4. Switching Default Printers — while switching networks, your computer can be enabled to automatically switch default printers …

Put a Firewall between You and Outside Threats

The term “firewall” is tossed around like everybody knows what it is, yet many experienced computer users don’t really understand its function. In short, a computer firewall is basically a secure and trusted program or hardware device designed to protect the resources of a private network from users on other networks by filtering or blocking the transfer of information packets.

Keep in mind firewalls aren’t only for big companies with highly sensitive information. If you have credit card information, tax returns, passwords, banking information or other private data on your personal computer.