List of Top Trending Games 2019

In the last few years, the gaming industry is evolving at the rate of knots. At every juncture, a new game emerges and literally sweeps us off our feet. In the last few years, some gaming hits have emerged. For sure the games have gone on to increase the entertainment quotient of your lives. The possibility exists that you could have gone on to play a few of them. But are you aware which the popular gaming trends are in the current year? No idea! Let us sort out things in the first place.

Hereby are lists of games that have been compiled in the existing year. This includes games from various domains. Be it action to sports games or puzzles, the list is an exhaustive one. Even the games are seen to be trending on the 9apps download platform. You will be amazed to see the variety this 9apps store is offering. Let us explore them in details-


Referred to as players underground battleground ever since its launch has gone on to become extremely popular. This is an online multiplayer game and being a trending game you can rely on the use of weapons to kill others in the battlefield in the process to save yourselves. But there lies a challenge as you proceed to the next level the game map tends to decrease in size. The last player standing wins the game. Among the various games, it has become the best-selling one.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

First, of the rainbow 6 series, this works out to be a video shooter game. Here during the course of the game, you need to be a tactical shooter. In this game, there are various characters and before you play this game you would be provided with a briefing. During this game, you need to be choosing your operatives. To be successful at a mission careful planning and various repetitions are needed.  Suppose if a character is dead, it cannot be further used to complete your mission in the other sessions.

Wealth words

A trend online e puzzles game that allows you to win real cash. In fact, this is an online puzzle game where puzzles have to be solved correctly. There are a variety of puzzles and a player has to solve them inactive time. The moment a player completes the puzzle and submits after 24 hours you can avail the results. Not only this game helps you to win cash but it also helps you to improve your cognitive and vocabulary skills. Just you need to register on to the website; buy tokens and the puzzles can be solved straight away.

Rise of the Tomb the raider

This is a replica of the 2013 game the Tomb Raider and in the series the 11th entry. In fact, this works out to be a video adventure game as the story revolves around the character Lara as she ventures around the city of Siberia. The combat enemies are fought with firearms.

Now, why this wait? Get set to play!

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