Recently, a model with trademark photos and a long tongue has created a storm in social media. Mikayla Saravia or popularly known as KKVSH is an American emerging model, YouTuber, influencer, and Instagram star. Moreover, she has gained fame and popularity for sharing her curvaceous and captivating photos and videos on social media.

Apart from being a beautiful curvy model, she is also an entrepreneur and TikTok star. However, people seem to have more interest in her 6.5 inches long tongue. Since childhood, she was fond of modeling and started sharing lifestyle and fashion photos at an early age. Her stylish and extravagant photos have 3.5 million fans and she is one of the most trending stars on social media platforms like Twitter and Tiktok. Being an entrepreneur KKVSH is also active in music production too.

Moreover, she also created an app which deals with merchandising toys and phone holders. Additionally, she is also very famous for uploading various videos. Likewise, the view has already reached 110k+ subscribers. Similarly, with modern outfits and modern photographs, Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH is continuing to extend her influence among an enormous fan base. Through this article, we would like to discuss some facts about her career, family, and net worth and some misconceptions of people.

Biography of Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH 

Name                  Mikayla Saravia

Nickname           KKVSH

Birthplace          Palm Beach Florida, USA

Date of birth       29th October 1997

Age                    23 years as of 2020

Height                5’7’’

Weight               62 kg

Zodiac sign        Leo

Nationality        US

Profession         Social media star and Instagram model

Favorite sports  Basketball and Rugby

Favorite color    Grey and Red

About Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH

As far as the fan following is concerned, it is largely attributed to her ingenuity and creativity. With an unbelievable persona and cute smile, she broke into the glass ceiling. KKVSH or Mikayla Saravia was born in Palm Beach Florida, USA and she is of Salvadoran descent. As per the media, she completed her schooling at a local public school. As per news reports, she is Leo. By nationality, she is American and she was born on 29th October 1997.

She also has a website that is redirecting to her hubster profile. She is stunning and sizzling too. With a slender look, she is massively popular among the youth. Moreover, she is almost 5’7” tall and weighs approximately 62 kg. Additionally, she has brown hair and the color of her eyes are black. With larger eyes, dusky skin, and silky hair, she has stylish looks.

Career and achievements of Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH

As a social media influencer, Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH began her career on Instagram and started to share her beautiful, stylish, and fashionable photos. Moreover, in a few days, she got over a few thousand likes and she became one of the most popular stars. As of now, she has gathered over 7 million followers on various social media platforms altogether. As a rising star, she is the face of various brands of lingerie, swimwear, and bikinis.

Apart from that, Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH also owns an online shop called “KKVSH store”. Since 2018, she has been uploading some self-created travel vlogs and videos into youtube. Moreover, in the same year, she appeared with the title “KKVSH Birthday bash Denver”. Some of the most popular videos which people are liking are “When Bae mad at you” and “Long Tongue pierced”.

Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH’s Net worth

As of now, we do not have any information about her current worth. However, as per some recent media, her estimated worth is 400k- 500k. However, this data is lacking credibility. Moreover, many websites show Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH’s estimated worth is not suitable and reliable. Likewise, the main source of her income is the promotion of various brands, social media posts, and endorsement of commercials.

Family and relationship of Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH

We do not know much about Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH’s parents. She has a sister who is also active in social media. According to the media, she is in an open relationship, and her current status is not known to the public. Additionally, the media has also not been able to find her past relationship as well.

As a matter of fact, according to news reports, she is attracted to both men and women. She used to feel attracted to men but after she started her career as a stripper, she had a relationship with a woman. Though she dated men, she likes to keep her options open.

KKVSH’s tongue

KKVSH is famous for her long tongue. However, when she was growing up her parents did not like it. Moreover, she also had to face lots of bullying from her friends. She also has some piercing in her tongue. As a matter of fact, after becoming famous, those people who used to bully her, want to be her friends. Moreover, she also received some weird requests for her tongue as she performed some videos with it.

Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH social media account

If you want to find Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH on social media, you may find her by the following name.

Only fans; Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH generates income through her only fans account and she is currently charging over $29.99 / month.

Instagram: Mikayla Saravia’s handle name is KKVSH and currently has 6 million followers. You can also followers by

Twitter: She is quite active on Twitter. With 243 k followers, you can visit her by

Youtube: She has a huge fan following on youtube. Over 110k subscribers, you can visit her by

Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH Injury

Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH was injured during a shoot back in April 2019. Moreover, she was injured by a bullet that went through her upper arm. In addition, this injury was so serious that it broke her scapula. She also broke her rib and severely damaged her lung. She could have been paralyzed but somehow doctors managed to take out the bullet. 

Misconception about Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH

People do have some misconceptions about KKVSH’s professional life. Moreover, they believe she works in the porn industry. As she was a stripper, after joining social media, this misconception of the public became more concrete. Furthermore, she has some friends in the porn industry and her “only fan” page also contributed to this misconception. However, she has some pictures of her “feet” on social media.

Some facts about Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH

  • On Instagram, she has almost 7.1M flowers.
  • On youtube, she has more than 113k subscriber
  • She has over 1.2M followers in Tiktok
  • Apart from posting her photos on Instagram, she is also a social media influencer.
  • She hails from Palm Beach Florida, US
  • She also endorses a few brands.
  • Being a social media influencer, Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH also collaborates with others.
  • She also likes to play Basketball and Rugby
  • As a tattoo lover, she also has several tattoos
  • She likes to stay fit and enjoy gym sessions.
  • People know her for her long tongue.
  • As an animal lover, she also has a pet dog
  • She loves to travel a lot
  • Her favorite tourist spot in Europe.


As a social media influencer, she is very popular among the media. Moreover, people are following her because of her stylish picture and gorgeous looks. Apart from that, she has a huge fan base who also likes to see her on social media. Moreover, She earns a huge amount of money through various endorsements and commercials. Finally, KKVSH is one of the few stars who has over 7 million fans altogether.


1. When was Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH born?

She was born on 29th October 1997

2. Where was she born?

She was born in Palm Beach, Florida

3. How old is Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH?

She is almost 23 years old.

4. How tall is Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH?

She is almost 5’7’’ tall.

5. What is the nationality of KKVSH?

She is American by birth.

6. How much is the net worth of KKVSH?

Her estimated net worth is 500K.

7. What is KKVSH’S zodiac sign?

Her zodiac sign is Leo

8. What is her profession?

She is a popular social media star, model.

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