How You Can Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket

California speeding ticket cost drivers a pretty penny. Fortunately, a fresno speeding ticket lawyer can help you take cases to court. The majority of people who fight a ticket are pleased with the outcome, usually reduced fines or outright ticket dismissal. The ideal, of course, is to never get a ticket in the first place. Here are some tips to do that.

Keep an Eye on Your Speedometer

This one seems so obvious it does not need mentioning. On the other hand, many drivers don’t look at their speedometer often enough, especially when it is on cruise control. Cruise control speeds can fluctuate by 5 mph or even more on hills. As you glance at the speedometer, listen to the sounds your engine makes. Once you’re in tune with associated speeds and their engine sounds, you don’t need to check the speedometer as often.

Build Extra Time into Your Trips

Sometimes, drivers speed because they’re in a hurry. Give yourself a cushion to work with, if possible. Bring a book or something to do if you arrive 10 minutes early.

Time cushions are not always realistic, though. In these cases (and even when you have a cushion), get everything ready ahead of time. For example, for work the next day, pack your lunch the night before, select your outfit beforehand and prepare your briefcase. That way, nothing should make you leave home later than usual in the morning.

Sign Up for a Driving Class

A driving class may be helpful, particularly if you have a history of speeding and don’t want to learn how to fight a speeding ticket. (You don’t need a paper trail of tickets to know if you regularly exceed the speed limit.) If you do get ticketed, the ticket might be dismissed if you take a class.

Use a Radar Detector

It’s legal to use radar detectors in California passenger vehicles. You cannot put them on the windshield of your car, though, and the detectors are not legal for commercial vehicles. Always avoid using radar jammers, as they are highly illegal.

A radar detector might let you know when a radar gun is nearby. These detectors do give false alarms, especially since other vehicles, traffic lights and even doors near you may use radar. It’s more effective to follow the speed limit.

Drive the Speed Limit

There’s a myth that driving 10 or 20 mph above the speed limit is fine. Yes, police officers are less likely to stop you for going 10 mph over than, say, 25 over, but you are still at risk of getting a ticket.

Unfortunately, as a traffic ticket lawyer Santa Ana could tell you, planning does not always prevent speeding tickets. For example, police sometimes use malfunctioning radar guns, or your attention as a driver may slip for a few seconds. Even the best drivers are human and occasionally make mistakes. If you do get a ticket, remember that your chances of getting it reduced or dismissed are high if you fight. Consult a lawyer.

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