How to Start Working as a Web Developer Without Experience

Any profession in information technology is in demand right now. In fact, the last five years have been showing a spike in new IT jobs and a growing interest in this field from college students. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this popularity. Every year, many graduates with fresh diplomas flood the market and can’t get employed at once.

It’s not really a surprise that IT attracts so many candidates. First of all, this field is very interesting as it is still progressing. You have an opportunity to play a role in something incredible and might even change the future! Also, it should be mentioned that the pay is very competitive! When you do what you love and get a pretty good salary, this is the dream!

In case becoming a web developer has been your goal for a long time, don’t worry! There are still many ways to get the job of your dreams, even without experience. Sure, students need to think about their potential jobs even before graduating. For example, you can write my essay by EssayHub so you can focus more on your training. You’ll get some experience this way!

Still don’t know where to start? Here are some tips on starting your career as a web developer without experience!

Don’t stop learning!

This is the number one rule in the IT field. There are new technologies being introduced to the market every year. You can see how it’s very important to stay in the loop of these things. Students won’t get too far without constantly learning new skills and reading up on a subject. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a new programming language that you like!

Here are some websites where you can expand your know-how:

  • Codecademy;
  • freeCodeCamp;
  • Road Map;
  • The Odin Project;
  • Dev Challenges.

Check your knowledge in practice and not in theory

You can read hundreds of articles and books, but nothing will prepare you for an interview better than a practical test. After all, your job search will definitely include some technical assignments to see if you are up for the challenge. There are many websites that offer not only theory but also practical tasks so students can apply their knowledge immediately.

Take some freelance work, even if it’s for free

This is another way of building up some experience so learners can put something on their resumes even before graduation. It’s also a great place to start in case you are not sure about your level of proficiency. Students can look for essay writing service reviews and order some help online. This way, they will have more free time for their web development problems!

Create your own portfolio

Your portfolio is like your resume but for your practical knowledge. Many employers like to see actions instead of hearing words. This is where your freelance work might come in handy! The collection of your previous works can include something that you completed for your previous employer or something you created just for fun. Here is something else that you can put here:

  • your contact information;
  • some of your small projects that can be easily looked over;
  • relevant skills and education;
  • documented source code.

Follow the news from your industry

This is a great tip for those who can’t get a job right away but want to stay in the loop. As it was mentioned before, the IT field changes very quickly. Maybe, your dream company is no longer hiring. Or maybe, you’ll find something that you like even more and start progressing in that direction. Either way, you have to stay informed!

Prepare your resume

Students might not have experience, but they need a resume! You can format it in such a way that your potential employer won’t even notice that this is your first job. A resume is a little bit different from a portfolio because here, learners need to highlight their personal and educational qualities. You can also put some of your goals and interests here as well.

Have some interviews for practice

Of course, it would be wonderful to get an offer on your first try. But the reality is just not that nice. You will probably have to attend many interviews and meetings before you land a job. So don’t worry about it too much! Be ready for any outcome, and don’t get discouraged! This is good practice because you’ll get an understanding of what the recruiters might be looking for. 

Don’t get discouraged!

Getting your first IT job without any experience can be tough. More and more people want to become developers every day, so you need to be ready for a competition. With enough practice and determination, you will definitely find the job of your dreams. Also, remember that your first company probably won’t be ideal, so think about it as a valuable experience for the future!


Now you know the basics about starting a career in web development without any experience. This is not a simple task, and even after getting a job, you will have to learn constantly. On the other hand, this is just a part of being an IT specialist!

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