How to Keep Your Car Tyres Clean & Safe for Durability?

It’s obvious of you to clean your car every week but leave the tyres only because they’ll get dirty again sooner. Though it’s correct, but making this a habit compromises optimum tyre health, durability and safety, especially if you drive mostly on rough roads. Tyre cleaning is performed in a different way as compared to overall vehicle due to the material and purpose it serves. And while you can blast them with a powerful water jet, proper cleaning is performed with special washing solution and detailing to maintain the rims, hubs and rubber.

Essential things

– A large and clean bucket
– High-pressure water hose
– Special tyre cleaning solutions

In case you’re dealing with a truck tyre in Dubai, better have it cleaned and maintained at a professional service station. However, the items as listed above are easily available at a tyre shop or a general store selling all sorts of cleaners and stuff. When buying, make sure the cleaning solution is intended for the tyres which mean it mustn’t be used on the rims or coated wheels.

Brushes & towels

For detailed scrubbing and contouring of the tyre, you need a soft bristled brush or simply buy one from a store made especially for the rubber compound. Microfiber detailing towels are amazing since their internal static charge can easily pull away water, grease, dust, dirt and grime without leaving behind any fibre or stain on the metal and rubber surface.

Wax & protectant

You can conveniently find tyre and wheel protectant wax from renowned tyre manufacturers and even from those dealing with truck tyre in Dubai. You’re free to choose from any brand whereas texture or application process on the tyre is similar to waxing of the vehicle. If a waxing cloth hasn’t been provided with the solution, get a chamois cloth to do the job. Protective dressings of the tyres are available in various compositions. Be sure to pick the latest batch for best shine and improved protection of the tyre rubber.

Cleaning, polishing & detailing

– Collect all the relevant goods and park the car in a clean and properly ventilated area. Be sure to clean and dry the tyres just as you’d do with the car which prevents splash back on a cleaner surface. Be sure that you’ve all necessary cleaning equipment such as bucket, solution, wax, protectant and so on to carry out the process in the right way.

– Start blasting dirty tyres with a jet of water that’s likely to take away all the dark brown deposits and crusted mud. You can also throw the water on the wheel rim which will soften the dirt, washes it and then apply a cleaning solution.

– Use soft brush bristles to clean the rims and hard one for the accumulated dirt on the wheels. Put some elbow-grease as you scrub and then rinse the tyres completely and carefully. Apply degreasing solution to give the tyre an amazing shine.


Be nice to your tyre for a smooth and safe ride while ensuring quality performance.

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