Designing the best event banners to announce your show and boost traffic or traction for your business

You may have a new film launch, a sensational product, or an event coming up, and want to excite and entice people. The best way to create a buzz is to install posters at strategic locations. Event banners and posters are great marketing tools because they can work through and across the spectrum, regardless of your identity or type and scale of business.

  • The event’s topic is immaterial and so is your promotional product. A banner is a visually stunning, impactful and effective way to reach out to the world and engage your audience.
  • Since not all posters are in the same groove or equal standing, you need to know the right banner can boost your business.
  • Banner design is more than designing a catchy piece of paper and slapping it on some building.
  • With the right design and banner template, you can boost your brand and communicate your business message.

By driving interest and building authority, the right banner connects with your target segment and fuels their interest in your event, product, or whatever you’ve to offer.

Explore some ideas

The main thing about event banners is that it needs to be clear in disseminating information alongside being visually appealing.

  • There needs to be lot of white space in your banner design. Too much cluttering will ruin a good poster design.
  • It shouldn’t be too hard to decipher what you’re promoting. White space is imperative in this regard.
  • White or negative space means the space between different design elements like borders, text, and images. It allows your page elements to breathe, helping to thwart a cluttered front.

Color filters segregate your text from the banner background. If you’re using a busy banner background image, it might confine your text. This is where a color filter can bail things out. There are free tools to do so. Draw a square on the background image and adjust its opacity until you see the picture coming through.

  • It’s best to use a professional and simple banner design for setting across a clear message.
  • Depending on the type of function you’re promoting, you might not use a crazy or chaotic design.
  • A professional and modern design can do the trick. That’s why minimalist designs are popular in event banners.
  • Colors like green or blue have a wide appeal. A contemporary sans serif font is ideal for conveying your brand message.
  • Make sure you include the concerned event information along with other requisites for attendees in clear, big text.

Designing the banners

Understanding color psychology is critical to a successful banner. Brighter shades cause more energy and resultant action from people. Be smart in your background choices. Five text lines are enough to do the job. In banner ads, less is more. The layout must be well-balanced. It needs to have enough space for your company logo, event details, and CTA.

A great event poster copy has a single and focused message. It caters to your audience and speaks their language. It has one central objective and concludes with your simple CTA.

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