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Choosing The Best From The Top CA Firms For Articleship

The period of Articleship is one of the best times in the career of Chartered Accountants. The life of every accountant goes through transformation during this stage. There are a lot of challenges and opportunities that every accountant has to face during this period before starting work as a true professional. It is all about the practical exposure of the accountant’s work and they need to implement everything learned during the course. Ideally, you need someone to guide you in the right direction without hampering the studies that are still to be pursued. Read the following to know how to choose the top CA firms in India for Articleship.

Hours of working

One of the most important aspects you have to consider before choosing the best CA firms in India are the hours of work. The principal is going to inform you about the working hours at the start of the work. However, you can also talk to the other employees about the general working hours in the firm you have chosen. You can also try to find out whether the principal tries to get more work out of the candidates during the period of articleship, so you will know the approximate hours of work.

Leave for preparation

Before joining a firm for articleship, you have to find out whether it will let you avail leaves during the preparation for the final examination. Articleship is one phase of the studies you pursue for becoming a Chartered Accountant. If you do not pass in the final examinations, you will not be called a Chartered Accountant. While planning to initiate your career in Gurgaon, do not forget to ask the CA firms in Gurgaon about the leaves they allot to the candidates during articleship.

Size of the firm

This is another concern you must address before joining the training for articleship. The CA candidates must work hard to be chosen as candidates for articleship by the bigger firms. For working in the bigger firms, the candidates may have to tackle heavy load of work, and the opportunities are rather monotonous. Your opportunities are going to be restricted when you work on the same projects for about three years. On the other hand, the opportunities may be diverse when you choose smaller firms for articleship. You can work on every field whether it is taxation, auditing and accounting that allow you to gain expertise in all these fields. However, candidates pursing their articleship from a reputed Chartered Accountant firm in India are likely to get preferences while setting up their own practice. When you choose a firm to get practical exposure, you must keep all these aspects in mind.

Traveling outside for audit

For candidates who prefer to travel outside the office job, the outstation audits of the top CA companies in India serve the right opportunity. However, if you do not like to travel outside, you must discuss this point with the firm in the beginning to avoid disputes later.

Stipend for the candidates

Talking about the stipend and getting it in writing from the firm is important. While the top CA firms dispatch the stipend for the candidates pursuing articleship in their firms, the smaller and the medium-sized firms often fail to give stipend to the employee. You must clarify your doubts about the stipend before joining the firm.

Know the work

Before joining a firm for articleship, you will get the opportunity to ask the principal about the kind of work in which they engage and the clients they serve. If your plan is to join CA firms in Delhi NCR, you can ask some of your friends in this city about the nature of the work to better understand the roles and responsibilities you may need to handle during this tenure.


Seema Mehra is the best Chartered Accountant at Ashok Maheshwary & Associates, one of the top accounting firms in India that provide company set up India in a convenient manner. She is a professional writer and loves to share Financial related topics.

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