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People eagerly look into the life of a celebrity because they are a specialized individual group of people who have come into the limelight due to their wealth and fame. Moreover, this fame might come from their profession as well as their lifestyle. Furthermore, due to the advancement of social media, people are considering social media stars as celebrities.

However, it does not matter what the definition might be. Considering the current situation, those who possess wealth and fame, whether it is a celebrity himself or their kid both come into the limelight. Here, we would like to discuss the biography and career of a celebrity kid Cassius Riley who was born in 2009. Now he is living with his mom. There are many incidents where the child of any famous person comes into the limelight. Here, we will discuss one such example.

Cassius Riley’s family

Cassius Riley is one of such celebrity kids who was born in 2009 and suddenly came into the limelight. Moreover, as he is the child of Morgan O’Kane and Domino Kirke, from the beginning the media focus their interest on the life of this person. For Famous English and also American this kid comes to the spotlight. 

Furthermore, as soon as he was born his parents got separated and raised by his mother all alone. In addition, her mother is right now married to Penn Badgley. Moreover, he got a reputation as an actor and played as a serial killer on some hit drama “You”. His biological father is a musician and exploits different types of music.

After Cassius’ parents’ divorce, his grandparents Simon Kirke and Lorraine Kike raised him with his mother. Moreover, his great grandfather belongs to the Israeli community and is one of the renowned persons in the media. As per the media, his cousin Rafaella Israel Mosberg and Memphis Kirke Mosberg are also famous in their respective fields.

Cassius Riley ethnicity

Though he is American by nationality he is mixed with different ethnicities. As per the media, he might be right now in grade fifth or sixth. According to the media, he is now living with his mother and Penn Badgley, who was a stepdad. Moreover, his stepdad is a well-known musician and actor.

As per their professional life he has been seen in the drama series “Gossip Girl” which was aired in 2007. In addition, he used to play the role of Dan Humphery. Not only is he spending quality time but also growing up with a positive attitude.

Cassius Riley Bio

Full name: Cassius Riley O’Kane

Date of birth: 28.01.2009

Age: 12 years

Father: Morgan O’Kane

Mother: Domino Kirke

Nationality – American

Sign – Sagittarius

Height – 4’3”

Weight – 42 Kg

Eye color- blue

Hair color- Blonde.

Hobbies- traveling

Religion – Christianity

Favorite food – Mexican

Favorite destination – New York

Net worth – $80 million

Early life and Family

Cassius Riley was born in the year 2009, in the united states but the day he was born was unknown. Domino Suzy Kirke is his mother and Morgan O’Kane is his father. His parents were separated and Domino Suzy raised him. He completed his primary education at a private high school. He is the only child of his parents and he has no biological siblings. 

After his parents get divorced. His mother remarried the American actor Penn Dayton Badgley. Through his mother’s second marriage he has a stepbrother. He is 12 years old. Simon Kirke and Lorraine Kirke are his grandparents.

Domino Suzy is a well-known figure in the music industry. She is also an actress. In the movie industry, she doesn’t play many roles. She has worked in movies like Angeles Crest and The missing person, and coven. His father Morgan O’Kane is also a famous musician. Riley’s stepfather is also a famous actor by profession.

Cassius’s career

As per the media, Cassius Riley is a quite talented kid. Moreover, he loves to spend a significant amount of time painting and learning about music. In addition, he also participates in the drama competition conducted in school. As per the news report, it is said that he stood first in the drama competition. As of now, he is right now in school and pursuing his studies. Likewise, he loves to read horror stories as well.

As Cassius Riley’s father is a musical genius, he has got many qualities from his father. Moreover, his fathers had spent a huge time researching American folk music. In addition, his recent release “Pendulum” created history in American folk music. Right now there are over five different types of music albums of his father in the market and all are hits. Apart from his music career, he has also contributed to several television and film projects. Moreover, people also have seen him in the TV show “ Louie”.

Cassius Riley hobbies

Moreover, Cassius Riley loves to spend a huge amount of time traveling. As per the media, Riley said he

loves to visit and explore different places on earth. Although he loves acting, his interest in sailing is well known.

Cassius Riley favourite actor

As per the news media, Cassius is a huge fan of Brad Pitt and likes to watch his movies in his spare time.

Cassius Riley’s age

According to the media, Cassius Riley was born on 28th January 2009. So, as per the media, Cassius Riley’s age must be 12 years old as of 2021.

Cassius Riley Net Worth

Though Cassius is just a kid, he inherits the wealth from his parents. Moreover, his mother possesses a huge wealth which is estimated at almost 30 million dollars whereas his father also possesses almost 50 million dollars. Moreover, as he is going to inherit the wealth, you can estimate that his total wealth would be $80 million. Furthermore, his stepdad also possesses a huge wealth of almost 10 million dollars.

Cassius Riley relationship

Cassius Riley is in school and his current relationship with his peers is not known. However, it is said that he is quite lovable and generous towards his peers. Though there is some speculation about his current girlfriend in the media. Moreover, it is said that he is not in any relationship at the moment. However, the media has spotted him with a blonde woman who happened to be the daughter of another celebrity.

Cassius Riley in social media

Unlike other celebrity kids, Cassius is not active in social media and he is more into studying and performing his student life activities.

Cassius Riley physical appearance

As a young teenager Cassius Riley is growing up rapidly and he is like most other celebrity kids like to spend time with his family. Moreover, he is right now weighing around almost 42 kg and his weight is adjusted with his health-related training. According to the media, he is right now 4’3”. He is a healthy kid. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Some facts about the Cassius Riley

  • He was born in 28.01.2009
  • He was raised by a single mother
  • Riley loves to spend time with his dog
  • He has five different breeds of dogs.
  • Cassius loves to paint in his spare time
  • He loves to travel to different places on earth
  • Cassius visits church every Sunday
  • He is a die-hard fan of the Lakers
  • He focuses on American folk music. And having released some albums.


Cassius Riley is a celebrity kid and he loves to spend time with his family and friends. Moreover, both of his parents are from an acting background and he also likes to pursue his career in acting. Finally, he loves to live a lavish lifestyle and loves to watch the Lakers. His parents are not together anymore; they are separated. Now he is living with his mother and his stepfather. Finally, he loves to live a lavish lifestyle and loves to watch the Lakers.

FAQ about Cassius Riley

1. Who is Cassius Riley?

He is a celebrity kid.

2. What is the age of Cassius Riley?

Cassius is 12 years old.

3. What is your Favourite food?

He loves to eat Mexican food.

4. What is the Favourite destination of Cassius Riley?

He loves to visit New York.

5. How much is the wealth of Cassius Riley?

Cassius Riley’s net worth is $80 million

6. What is the religion of Cassius Riley?

He follows the Christianity

7. What is the birth sign of Riley?

Cassius Riley’s birth sign is Sagittarius

8. What are your favourite books by Cassius Riley?

Cassius Riley’s favorite book is Gulliver’s tale.

9. What is the nationality of Cassius Riley?

Riley is American by birth.

10. How much is the weight of Cassius Riley?

He is 42 kg.

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