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BG voice is a Bulgarian music media entertainment-oriented to the youth audience. It was launched on November 10, 2006, in Veselina TV as part of SBS broadcasting acquired in 2007 by ProSiebenSat.1. The radio station of the same name was started in 2012, BSS media group, which is associated with politics Delyan Peevski, bought The Voice, as well as the other media in the group. On September 1, 2020, Nova Broadcasting Group submitted documents to the Commission For Protection of Competition for the acquisition of The Voice, as well as the other media from BSS, and the deal was approved by 18 September.

The BG-Voice was mainly aied for artists from age 15 to 24 which contains fans of dance, rhythm, and blues pop music and pop-folk does not fit into the concept. It broadcasts mainly pop,  RnB, and Dance music. The first song with which the television started its broadcast was “ London Bridge” by Fergie from “Black Eyed Peas”.

What does it do

It hosts different music videos around the globe. Its slogan is “We love music” and the headquarter is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. The ownership is AE Best Success Services Bulgaria EOOD. Its sister channels are The Voice(radio station). It broadcasts over the EMEA region. The latest music videos are launched here by famous artists like Coldplay, Eva Max, and many other artists. It also broadcasts many podcasts and other shows.  

The voices of Bulgaria

Ilia Mihaylov studied piano, double bass, music theory, and conducting. He was born in 1974 in Sofia. He holds degrees of ABRSM from Julliard University, HEMU(Lausanne Conservatory), and did additional studies in New York University and HAUTE Ecole de Musique. Experienced with teaching in professional projects and seminars he is experienced in Jazz, instrumental, orchestral, choral, sacred performances on music and idioms. Therefore, since 1999 he is the music director of The Voices of Bulgaria choirs.

The Great Voices of Bulgaria

So, The great voices of Bulgaria is a group of women who performs music for more than 40 years. However, they have a special way of singing by throat using the throat muscles instead of the diaphragm and they have the record of performing on stages from different polyphony and stage performances. Their technique of singing was century-old for them and under the direction of Zdravko Mihailov they had a very good repertoire of performing traditional music.  The great BG-voice under the director of Ilia Mihaylov have been a great achievement and this has been performed by many artists who are famous for singing. Under the direction of Ilia Mihaylov, it has been world-famous and has gained fame across 20 countries over the globe.

Past of The Voices of Bulgaria

In the past, the Bulgarian ministry appointed Mr. Mihaylov to produce two albums as a gift for joining the European Union as an occasion. The Great Voices performed there in Moscow Easter Festival in Kremlin in the Taichakovsky Concert hall and St. Peter’s Monastery. They created a record by doing this concert and a total of 10,000 tickets were sold and it was in the box office of Canada. They performed in Chengdu in China in the 7th international festival of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.  

Cinema and music

“La Belle Nivernaise” is one of the silent films directed under “The Voice” and it received great applause and was directed under Ilia Mihailov and it was with the trio pianist Francis Raulin. The cinema is a collection of musical pictures played on the stage with a Bulgarian voice over it. Moreover, diverse music sensibility adds another feature to the acting of the cinema and adds importance to the cinema. This is an additional feature for the actors to act in the cinemas.


So the “The BG Voice” is a radio station called the Bulgarian Voice. It hosts different music videos which are the latest. They also host different shows and podcasts of different pop singers and musicians of age 15-20 years it does not include folk music but pop, RnB, and Dance music. Its headquarters is in Sophia, Bulgaria. It is actually an online platform for presenting different music videos on the chart around the globe.

However, this radio station is an online radio station where online streaming can be done. Different online live shows are telecasted here and songs of the current generation and the songs of this genre are broadcasted in this station and the major area of telecasting is parts of EMEA. The great voices of Bulgaria include Ilia Mikhailov who was a pioneer in teaching and giving professional training in music like chorus, folk, sacred and other idioms. Therefore, under his guidance, many women learned Bulgarian music and he directed many cinemas which were also of great applause.

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