Benefits of Using Third Party Product Inspection for Importers

  • by Editor

September 12, 2019
Third party inspection service

As an importer, what do you fear the most? Is that the fear that product you receive will not match with the specifications? Or shipping delays will upset your customers? To avoid all these problems, you can start getting a product inspection done. When you get someone to visit your factory for the inspection of goods before shipping, it can ensure that your products will meet the expectations of clients. It also helps in forecasting delays in shipping or production. 

There are many inspection methods but do you know why importers prefer to use the third-party inspection the most? There are many reasons for this. Here are the top 5 reasons why third-party product inspection is the most preferred option for importers:

1. Bilingual staff isn’t a barrier to communication

The most common worries of importers before hiring a third-party inspection service provider is whether they would not be able to communicate via a client manager or a similar professional directly.

These managers are proficient and fluent in English as well as the local language. They might be people who have been educated abroad somewhere. These qualities are beneficial for you because of the following reasons:

  • The client manager will always understand your expectations more than inspectors because they might not be able to speak English.
  • The client manager will be able to get you on a cultural level as they have experience abroad.

In a nutshell, importers prefer to have a dedicated client manager who is easy to communicate with. 

2. Lesser risk of integrity issues

Integrity issues are not rare in supply chains, it is not a shock to see importers concerned about them. In such cases, many forms of corruption can occur like bribery. Therefore, a professional inspection company is needed as it can help in preventing them. 

Bribery is hard to identify and prevent. For instance, if the factory staff offers transportation or lunch to an inspector. Such innocent gestures can have an impact on the judgment of the inspector while writing a report of the quality status. 

The best way to avoid this is by practicing periodical rotation of the inspectors so that they do not get comfortable and friendly with factory staff. As the third party firms for inspection have multiple inspectors for different service areas. 

Such companies also work on strict policies and train their staff to not accept any gratuities. Even though you take all the precautions, but still, corruption is difficult to prevent and catch.    

3. Limited obligation and flexibility

A high degree of flexibility is provided by third party inspection companies. For example, they will provide the inspection report in a certain format which is preferred by you. Or the inspector will use the testing method for your product which you want. 

Third party inspectors are typically contractors hired as and when needed. This means you will not have to get into a long term contract with them. This means you can hire them a few days before an upcoming order which will require inspection. 

Although, there are few importers who prefer to sign contracts that last for a long term if it is offered to them at competitive prices. 

4. Higher efficiency and lower costs

The third party inspection method is most of the time cheaper and more efficient than the other alternatives. For example, if a factory that is manufacturing your product is located abroad then you will have to visit them there but if you hire a third party inspection company, they have local contracts, so you will not be required to travel. 

Therefore, it reduces your travel expenses dramatically. This means that the third-party inspection companies will be less costly as they have large network coverage. Moreover, you will have to pay them only when you need them, unlike full-time inspectors. 

5. More services offered

Most of these inspection companies are offering a set of related services as well which are often required by an importer. Some of these services are lab testing or supplier evaluation. It is extremely helpful to a perfect spot where you can stop to get many services along with inspection services. They might cover all your supply chain needs. It is appreciated by many importers that one firm can cover most of their supply chain requirements. 


Third party inspection service providers may not be the best solution for every importer but there are many reasons which make them a better choice than their alternatives. Some importers even choose a hybrid option for inspecting their product. An importer can choose any of the inspection methods by focussing so the budget and product quality history.