Are you an Earth conscious brand? Choose your packaging carefully for that perfect message

  • by Safikul

June 29, 2018

A brand’s success depends on various factors. From the first look of the product packaging to its final use, there are multiple factors that govern its worth. However, packaging plays the deciding factor in maximum cases. It has the power to make or break the deal.

Projecting the right image and sending across the right message, both in terms of product and the environment, is very important for a brand. Be it just a retail store, or a world-renowned label, a product will sell only if it appeals to the customer. At Zedpack, a non-woven packaging company in Delhi, we help you make the maximum impact.

One of the biggest factors, apart from product satisfaction is a brand’s outlook towards the environment. Usingnon-woven packaging materials gives them an edge over others. Non-woven packaging is made using polypropylene, which is environment-friendly. This projects a brand in positive light. It establishes the brand as considerate towards the environment.

Apart from the impact it creates on the end user’s mind, following are some other commercial benefits that non-woven bags offer:

1) Economic

Non-woven packaging when compared to paper or plastic packaging initially, comes a little costlier. However, if you consider their long run use, they outrun the plastic and paper packaging bags. Thus, non-woven bags are more economical.

2) Great branding tool

What matters for a brand is reaching a larger audience. Non-woven packaging can be easily produced in multiple colors, shapes and sizes that can represent your brand the way you want it. This creates a unique brand image in the market and also acts a great tool for branding purposes.

3) Trendy

Fashion-forward is the right word that defines today’s audiences. Non-woven packaging bags from Zedpack are chic and stylish. They not only appeal to the customers, but also become a partner in their shopping sprees.

With all the environmental and commercial benefits, Zedpack’s range of non-woven bags and packaging materials is an ideal choice. Customers love brands that care for the environment, and also offer them classy and useful bags for further use.