7 Reasons To Build Your First Gundam

Probably every gunpla builder and collector has gone through the same judgmental eyes of a person who does not appreciate the art of building a gundam. Gunpla, a portmanteau of “Gundam” and “plastic” – is a hobby that’s becoming more popular by the day.

Initially, it’s hard to see why. After all, what could be so appealing about something as mundane and mechanical as putting together pieces of prefabricated plastic? Is it worth all the fuss? Why are there pages like Hobbyist Hub Facebook that make it seem worthwhile? Well, that is because it is, in fact, a worthwhile venture. Here are some key reasons why.

1. Improve Focus

The next time someone scoffs at you for spending a portion of your savings on a kit, tell them it helps improve your focus considerably. Now, that one might seem like a joke – but in all seriousness, anyone who spent a notable amount of money on something will give it time and effort it deserves.

To put into perspective, a person would take better care of an expensive shirt than one they bought at a bargain. With regards to putting a kit together, a gunplaseller in Legazpi City will want to do their best to focus on what they’re doing if they want to achieve the best results.

2. A Test of Patience

Building a kit takes an immense amount of patience even from long-time gunpla hobbyists. Small mistakes are to be avoided so it’s a bad idea to work hastily. And besides, assembly should be enjoyed, not rushed.

3. Accepting the Inevitability of Mistakes

While focus and patience go a long way in mitigating any mistakes, eventually, there will be some botched assembly that can get more than a little infuriating. Even in this frustrating scenario, lessons can be learned.

Learning to accept that there will be mistakes and acknowledging them to improve the next time around is a great way to keep moving forward.

4. Improve Dexterity

Nobody can argue about the benefit of the improvement of a hobbyist’s dexterity. After several builds, a gunpla hobbyist will begin to realize that they have better control and coordination of their fingers. This isn’t surprising at all considering that building requires precision work. That and carelessly using tools can lead to injuries.

5. Appreciate the Value of a Hobby

Plenty of naysayers will say that hobbies like gunpla building are waste of time and money. However, looking at it from a bigger perspective, everything is a waste of resources. If it’s giving a person a reason to live, it’s definitely not a waste of their hard-earned income.

After all, the goal isn’t just to keep earning money and then die one day without reaping the benefits. A hobby such as putting together parts for a gunpla kit is therapeutic, at the very least.

6. Sense of Fulfillment

As mentioned, taking pieces apart and then putting them together to achieve a tangible form has its therapeutic benefits. And although the journey itself is rewarding, the sense of fulfillment that a person feels when they’re done with their kit is euphoric.

7. An Amazing Community Awaits

One of the biggest, most compelling reasons why building a Gundam kit is highly encouraged is because of the community. A gunpla hobbyist is never alone. There are numerous like-minded individuals who understand the world of gunplakit building and collection.

An even better news is that, with the Internet easily accessible, communicating with other hobbyists is made easier. This opens up the possibility of organizing meetups and events.

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