7 of the Best Productivity Apps For Mac

When you purchase a Mac computer, you’re investing in an extremely powerful machine. Without downloading a single app, your computer is capable of performing an endless number of tasks.

That said, purchasing a Mac also grants access to the App Store, a database housing millions of apps designed to enhance your experience and help you get the most out of your technology.

And with so many productivity apps to streamline your workday and boost efficiency and focus, it would be foolish not to take advantage! That said, there are thousands upon thousands of apps for productivity – how do you know which to try?

If you’re feeling lost in a sea of apps, you’ve come to the right place. To learn everything you need to know about the best productivity apps on the market, just keep reading!

1. Magnet

One of the most common complaints about Mac computers is their lack of the snap feature, making it tough to multi-task or work with multiple windows at once. That’s where Magnet comes in!

With the Magnet app, you can configure your windows in a neat arrangement and lock them in place. This keeps your windows organized and everything you need in view, eliminating the clutter and helping you stay on track.

2. 1Password

From your bank account to your family tree to your friends from college, you can access everything online. But the more accounts you have, the more passwords you have to remember.

It can be tempting to create one or two passwords and use them for everything, but we all know how dangerous that is. Instead of leaving your personal information vulnerable to hackers, use 1Password!

With this app, you only have to remember one password (get it?). Once that password is entered into the app, you’ll have access to your user profiles across all websites and applications that you use with a single click.

3. Bear

On the surface, Bear might seem overly simple – but don’t be fooled by the clean interface, Bear is one of the most useful MacBook productivity applications out there!

When your work tasks or hobbies involve a lot of note-taking and organizing of ideas, things can get out of hand fast. Bear helps you to simplify and organize your ideas by using text, images, and drawings.

You can also sort your notes using Tags, which in turn allows you to find any information you might need quickly and easily.

4. Alfred

If you’re a fan of the Spotlight feature, you need Alfred. The Alfred app takes your productivity to the next level by streamlining your work with shortcuts.

Alfred is designed to fill the gap between Siri and Spotlight, automating admin tasks and performing advanced functions that allow you to search for and use your various windows and apps faster than ever.

You’ll also gain access to Alfred’s Clipboard History feature, which allows you to find any file you copied earlier in the day. You’re no longer limited to the latest one.

5. Timely

Modern computers, but especially Mac computers, are designed with virtually limitless functionality. This means endless opportunities for productivity but also a never-ending stream of distractions.

We all know how to set an alarm to tell us to stop scrolling Instagram, but how often do you turn it off and keep scrolling?

It’s all too easy to unintentionally waste half a day on fruitless tasks and not even realize you did it. With Timely, you’re given the evidence you can’t ignore!

Timely is the ultimate time management app, using AI technology to track your virtual movements throughout the day and give you a breakdown of how your time was spent.

Don’t worry, this timeline is completely private. Only you will be able to see that you spent three hours playing solitaire. But you can use this information to spend your time more wisely in the future!

6. Dewo

Speaking of using your time wisely – for most of us, the day is split into two types of activities: deep and shallow work. Shallow work is anything you can do without much thought, such as responding to emails or social media comments.

Deep work, on the other hand, demands more attention and brainpower. And when you’re doing this type of work, it’s important to create and protect a space that allows for such intense activity.

This is where Dewo can help. Using AI technology, Dewo detects when you’re in deep work and automatically switches your devices to “do not disturb” mode. It also tells you how much time you spend in deep work and the windows of time in which you appear to be most productive.

7. Pocket

Have you ever been browsing the web and come across an article or video that you wanted to check out later, only to forget about it when you had the time? Well, with Pocket, you can save any information that interests you and access it any time you want.

The digital content you store can even be accessed online! And, let’s say you want to read an article, but the only free time you have is during the drive home. No problem, Pocket will read the article to you while you drive.

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Get the Most Out of Your Mac With These Productivity Apps

Though your Mac is an incredible device all on its own, you can’t truly experience everything it has to offer without downloading a few apps.

Now, it’s true that most of these productivity apps aren’t free. But the best part about the App Store is that the majority of developers offer a free trial.

You can download any app that catches your interest, try it out, and if you don’t like it, simply cancel your trial and move on to the next!

Looking for more tips and tricks for getting the most out of your home or work computer? Be sure to check out our blog!

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