3 Killer Tips for Creating Better Facebook Ads

For years Facebook has been used a communication platform, but over time, the owner of Facebook decides to turn it into something more than just a communication platform. Recently you might have noticed that you can run businesses on Facebook as well, and there are those local marketplaces where you can easily buy and sell products and services without actually owning a business.

Not only can you run a business on Facebook, but you can also advertise your business on Facebook now with the ad campaign feature that has been recently launched by Facebook. You might have seen ads running if you use Facebook regularly. You might have seen them in between videos and as sponsored ads as well on your wall. This means that there are different types of ads that Facebook allows you to run.

The thing about Facebook ads campaign is that almost everyone is using it today to promote their business to their potential customers can clients. So since everyone is doing it thus, there is a lot of competition between the competitors. The only way one can take over the other is by coming up with killer ads and strategies that are better than your competitor.

So today in this article we are going to be looking at some of the most killer tips that will help you create better Facebook ads so that you can take down your competitors and also succeed in your marketing campaigns so let us look at them in detail.

#1. Facebook Audience Insights

To run successful ad campaigns, you need to target the right people with your ads. If you are just hitting in the dark, then you are just increasing your budget and wasting a lot of your money and time, which isn’t helping you in any way. So use the Facebook Audience insight tool that is at your disposal. You can use the tool to learn more about the audience that you already have and which you should target next. You can look at their interest, behaviors, and the way they engage with your ads to see whether your overall ad campaign is successful or not.

#2. Create a different set of audiences

It is simply stupid to target everyone with the same ads. Everyone is different, and you might be able to categorize everyone into groups, but all the groups won’t like the same stuff. So come up with different creative ads and create a different set of audiences to target so that you can target the right audience with the right ad that might catch their attention and compel them to use the call to action button.

#3. Accompany ads with landing pages

Rarely advertisers link their ads to landing pages which is a huge mistake because your potential customers don’t want to go through your entire website to find the product or the service that they saw on the ad. This will only kill their time and interest in your business. So, instead of linking your ads to your website, try to link it to the landing pages. This will allow the customers can directly order your product or service with just a few clicks. Since advertising on Facebook is a bit expensive, thus you want every click to count.


These are just a few tips that will help you compel the viewers to engage with your ad. Apart from these tips, there are several other techniques as well which you can use to target the right audience. So use all the tips that you can find and come up with killer ads that are unbeatable. You can run ads yourself or hire a Facebook advertising agency to do the job for you.

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