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It has been seen that people use their phones so much but do not care about that phone; hence it becomes slow and starts getting hang a lot of times. But if you use one application, on your phone, I can hopefully say that your phone will work faster and better. I am Talking about Clean Master app which people downloads from 9apps for android or from Google play store. But one should download it from 9apps.

If you want to get rid of the Slowness of phone, then go to 9apps store and download an application called Clean Master without losing any time. This amazing app is not a one-way medicine for many merges. The popularity of clean master can be estimated from the fact that the number of people who used Clean Master in the world exceeded more than 20 million.

Actually, if you leave the games, then it is one of the most used apps in the 9apps. This app is created and handled by the company called KS Mobile located in San Francisco, USA, whose offices are also in China and Japan. The biggest thing is that this app is absolutely free. I have been using this app for a long time. After the new update, it has become very to remove stubborn Malware from the phone.

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When you open this app for the first time after downloading it, it will ask you for permission to disable pre-installed apps. You have to accept it. Now, it is very easy to clean Malware and garbage from the phone. As you open Clean Master, you will see four things – Junk Files, Memory Boost, Security & Privacy and App Manager You will be shown in build apps at the top of the App Manager Button and also will see the option of disabling those apps.

Disabling means that the apps are not deleted from the phone, but stopping these apps. But it is important to warn you here. Clean Master is a very powerful app that must be used perfectly. Do not disable that app about which you don’t know, or it can cause trouble in the phone. If an app gets disable with the mistake, it is also easy to enable it again. Once you Disable Apps, restart the phone once.

You will see that the phone has already been fast and it is running smoothly. Downloading clean master from 9apps store will save your time that’s why earlier download it from 9apps. 9apps also give you some apps which other apps don’t provide you. People do Vidmate install download from 9apps only.

Clean Master does a lot more. By pressing the Junk Files button, the old, hidden useless files will be cleared of the phone. By visiting Security & Privacy, you can erase the call log, SMS, history from the phone. If you wish to go to the App Manager, you can remove all the apps from the phone’s memory and send it to the SD card. Anyway, after disabling the free apps and services, only your work will remain in memory (RAM).

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